Sean Gregory

Chief Operating Officer, PwC Australia

Sean Gregory, Chief Operating Officer 

Sean Gregory is the Chief Operating Officer at PwC Australia and a member of PwC Australia's Executive Board. He is responsible for firm investments, finance and technology.

With a career spanning two decades at PwC Australia, Sean possesses extensive experience in delivering Transactions Services advice to leading private equity and venture capital clients - both domestically and internationally. Sean's primary background is positioned in the financial services and private equity sectors.

Prior to joining PwC Australia, Sean was with PwC U.K, where he launched his career in the London office. Sean is also a member of the PwC Australia's Executive Board.

With experience in the private and government sectors, Sean provides advisory services in core Transactions Services areas of the PwC's Deals unit, including financial due diligence; vendor due diligence; vendor assistant; bid support or defence; capital markets; delivering deal value; and, M&A tax services.

A Board Member of Scale, a female-focused angel investor network, Sean also has a keen interest in children's welfare. Sean is also a member of the University of NSW's Business Advisory Council.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Arts (History) from the U.K.'s University of Exeter. He is married with three boys.