Project Delivery services

Balancing the talent and agility equation

As the market goes through unprecedented levels of change, organisations are becoming attuned to the need to be agile. However, the challenge remains in resourcing the right people, at the right time, to deliver effective and sustainable business change.

Delivering your most important projects through market leading, flexible people resourcing

Project Delivery services is PwC's strategic response to this shifting technology consulting landscape and our desire to build a diverse workplace. We offer a flexible strategic talent management solution that complements PwC's existing consulting services with an onshore team of highly skilled resources focused on deep capability. We specialise in the fields of business analysis, technology implementation and project management office.

How we can help

Our diverse network of top talent is part of a workplace revolution, thriving on role-based opportunities across all industries, more flexible work options for talented professionals and agile resources ready to dive into your most complex and important projects.

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National Lead, PwC Australia

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NSW Geographic Lead, PwC Australia

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Partner, SAP Services, PwC Australia

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VIC Geographic Lead, PwC Australia

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ACT Geographic Lead, PwC Australia

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