IT Effectiveness

Information Technology (IT) is a key enabler of revenue and profit generation - but the performance of IT is often scrutinised as a drain on the profits it helps create. There is constant pressure for IT to perform and be cost effective. In order for organisations to continuously improve IT performance, IT must be managed with the same controls and rigour as any successful business. It must be aligned with underlying profit drivers and business strategy.

PwC provides practical advice to senior executives on how to improve IT effectiveness by using a combination of our technology, industry and financial knowledge coupled with our global perspective and expertise. We help you align, position and change your existing IT business as well as source and manage additional services to enhance your current capability.

Potential issues

  • You need to improve IT performance to drive bottom-line results
  • You need to manage IT security, risk and compliance issues
  • You need to simplify IT operations to improve operating performance
  • You want to effectively manage your IT business during M&A transactions
  • You want to find the best way to organise your IT business to react to business change
  • You want to leverage sourcing options to enhance your IT capabilities
  • You want to optimise your IT spending.

How PwC can help you

At PwC we can:

  • Create a robust IT business by employing best practice in IT governance, security, risk and compliance
  • Identify and address key IT risks to focus resources more effectively and ensure IT spend is aligned to overall business objectives
  • Improve IT investment value through cost modelling, benchmarking and performance optimisation
  • Prepare your IT business for M&A activity by formulating a plan pre-transaction and helping you deliver on expected synergies post-transaction
  • Simplify your IT business to react effectively to business change while improving operating performance.

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