Preparing for the future of work in Australia

Global competition and accelerated shifts in Australia’s employment landscape require strategic workforce decisions

In all sectors, the jobs we do and how we do them are evolving faster than ever before. Change has always been around, from the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of machines, to the Fourth Industrial Revolution now – the digitisation of work. Yet the pace of change has accelerated.

Employers are increasingly looking for support in understanding these changes, in deciding what sort of organisation they want to be in the future, and how to transform their workforce accordingly.

The Future of Work is here.


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The Future of Work is here.

Australia is in the midst of significant transformation Rapid digitisation, increasing and changing demand for services, evolving community and government expectations, access to information and broader labour market disruption are forcing organisations to rethink their strategy. 

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Your approach to the Future of Work should:

Be data-driven

Data analytics and particularly predictive analytics can give businesses a critical edge in gauging future talent needs, understanding how to create a compelling people experience and eliminating potential biases in selection, assignment and appraisal. Companies are struggling to use data and advanced analytics to make better decisions about the workforce.

Be holistic and comprehensive

Action needs to be driven by business strategy, operating model, organisational capabilities, and be underpinned by technology. A clear aligned narrative and involvement of the whole C-suite ensures everyone works towards achieving the same goals, breaking down silos and avoiding duplication. 

Be action-oriented

The Future of Work is already happening - speculation is over and the time for practical action is here. Robust strategy is essential to transition organisations into the future, but busy leadership teams also need execution support to move at a competitive speed.

Creating a futurefit organisation is a journey - starting with the future strategy and following through to reshaped jobs, skills and ways of working

There are six topics to consider

How is my landscape changing?

  • What does the changing landscape in my sector look like?
  • Globally and domestically?
  • What megatrends, disruptions and type of changes?
  • What new and emerging technologies will shape our tomorrow?

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What does it mean for our strategy?

  • What does it mean for us as a whole organisation?
  • Can we stay in the same markets and adapt our approach to the new world or do we have to fundamentally change our business model and go for different markets?
  • Do our capabilities match our strategy?
  • What is our risk appetite?
  • How can we bring our purpose to life for our employees?

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What would be our ideal workforce?

  • What are the right jobs and the right mix of human+machine?
  • What sort of skills will we need and how do we attract talent today for the skills we need tomorrow?
  • What new ways of working should we adopt to architect the evolution and beyond?
  • How can we evolve our culture in an era of disruption?
  • How can we leverage data and analytics for better workforce decisions?

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How big is the gap between our current and a futurefit workforce?

  • How many jobs are changing, no longer needed or new?
  • Does our current workforce have the future skills? Does the market?
  • How do we clearly identify the gaps and volumes for current and future skills?
  • How many staff do not have the future skills?
  • What current ways of working are holding us back/could slow us down?
  • What technologies can we leverage to allow our people to work more flexibly?

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How will we close this gap and create a futurefit workforce?

  • Now that we know the gap, how can we fill it?
  • How can we minimize redundancy, mental health and trust issues?
  • What is the optimal balance of reskilling and upskilling versus bringing in people with new and different skills and knowledge?
  • Can we reskill and upskill internally or do we need to access qualifications and training? If so, does it exist already? Who is best to deliver it and how?
  • What are suitable employment models?

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How do we implement this?

  • What implementation approach will create a structurally and operationally evolved organisation?
  • How do we manage our people, their expectations, the new ways of working and the cultural change?
  • How can we best tap into the freelance/gig economy workforce?
  • How do we assess whether people are right for the organisation not just today’s job?
  • How do we create an environment that enhances tomorrow’s skills and a culture to move from role to role?

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We work with you at any point in your journey...

Assessing external disruption

  • Leveraging our insights on global mega trends, cross industry imperatives, CEO opinion and Future Workforce scenarios
  • Providing a business led assessment of the trends relevant for your organisation

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Aligning business strategy

  • Facilitating a collaborative view on where the business should go
  • Evaluating automation and digitisation opportunities
  • Developing key future scenarios
  • Identifying the capabilities required for your strategy

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Designing tomorrow’s workforce

  • Providing a industry wide core skills, behaviours and attributes lense
  • Identifying which jobs will be impacted by automation
  • Designing the new organisational blueprint including the shape of your future workforce

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Identifying and closing the gap

  • Forecasting skills and job demand and supply - Estimating the financial impact
  • Introducing new technologies to secure talent
  • Identify the best ways to close skills gaps
  • Focusing on organisational wellness and the people impact

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Implementing the futurefit workforce

  • Establishing a mission control that generates buy-in and momentum
  • Implementing training and development solutions
  • Extracting value from quick wins and supporting medium and long term achievements
  • Building a repurposing culture and infrastructure - Assessing long term fit

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