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Changing circumstances require your business to change. New technologies, a change in leadership, a new regulatory framework, a shift in the balance of power in your sector — faced by changes like these, you might seek to acquire new skills or talents, or to rethink how your entire business operates.

PwC can help you to make these changes successfully, creating new value through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, disposals and restructuring.

What if you only prioritised areas that really add value to a deal?

Our latest global M&A insights uncover how 600 senior dealmakers are driving effective value creation for long term returns. It’s clear that companies are getting better at maximising value through M&A, but there is still more to be done and the key is to be better prepared.

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How we can help?

We've been involved in more deals than any other adviser, with more than 4,000 deals professionals in over 75 countries. And so we have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you throughout the entire deal process — identifying opportunities, designing the deal, providing insight and answers as it progresses, and helping you to retain key people and attract the new talent that you need.

A successful deal needs careful planning. We will help you to find and assess a range of options, including some you probably haven’t even considered. We’ll use the latest tools and technology to help you to rank those options according to how attractive, appropriate and achievable they are. And we will stress-test them all against a range of financial and economic scenarios.

Once you've made your decision, we can then help you through the due diligence process. This process will focus on the key issues — making sure that you get everything completed to the correct timetable, taking into account the regulatory environment, and using data and analytics to identify risks and maximise opportunities.

When you're negotiating your deal, you need people at your side who can offer clear insights and advice, and who can bring in the right specialists at the right time. Our Deal Value Architects are completely focused on making sure that you are in the best possible position throughout the entire negotiation process.

Once the deal is signed off, the real work begins — putting your investment case into action and making sure that the deal delivers everything it promised and that all of your stakeholders remain on board.

Our experience tells us that this can only by done with a comprehensive and detailed plan with clearly-defined roles and responsibilities. Such a plan can help you to identify priorities that will realise value quickly, and to focus time and resources on areas that will make the biggest difference. It can also help you to make sure your target operating model is well understood and that your people are transitioned to their new roles quickly and fairly. With this plan in place, the transformation of your organisation can become a platform for growth as soon as possible after the negotiations have been concluded.


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