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Insights on the Australian market from PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey 2016

Towards a data-driven future

Over the last few years, digital acceleration coupled with global shifts in economic power have altered the playing field for companies around the world. Advanced analytics and machine learning – technologies that once seemed like beacons from a distant future – are increasingly available and accessible to businesses. The ability to make intelligent decisions that drive growth, disrupt the market and capitalise on emerging opportunities is now linked less to gut feel and industry knowledge and more to predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence and data-driven insights. Gaining competitive advantage is no longer about accepting the status quo or relying on age-old traditions. It’s about mustering the courage and commitment to harness both mind and machine.

PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey 2016: Big Decisions, which captures the ground-level view across 2,100 global and over 120 Australian C-suite leaders, business unit heads, and SVPs, provides a compelling snapshot of the ways in which advanced analytics, machine learning and data-driven decision-making are steering the trajectories of businesses worldwide. This paper draws on insights from the Global Data and Analytics Survey to explore the ways in which Australian businesses are adopting advanced analytics. By focusing on challenges and opportunities unique to the Australian landscape, it identifies the directions that are worth embracing as the new age of artificial intelligence draws near.

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Big data and the knowledge economy

PwC’s Chief Data Scientist, Matt Kuperholz, debunks the terms ‘big data’ and the ‘knowledge economy’ and talks about data as a new form of currency. 



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Unlock data possibilities
Make better and faster decisions.

As a business leader today, you can know radically more about your organisation, your customers, your employees, markets, and even complex economic dynamics. Transform the way your company uses data. Embed data and analytics into every part of your business to make speedier and more sophisticated decisions. Find out more about how PwC can help you unlock data possibilities.

The human factor: Working with machines to make big decisions 

We’re at an inflection point where artificial intelligence can help business make better and faster decisions. It requires an open mind—and a willingness to change.

Artificial intelligence in financial services

Some financial institutions have been investing in AI for years. Other firms are now beginning to catch up thanks to advances in big data, open-source software, cloud computing, and faster processing speeds.

Stop stalling – use data to accelerate big decisions

The internet’s early description as an ‘information superhighway’ was accurate in more ways than one. As well as bringing the world’s globally sourced data to our fingertips, it upended expectations around the speed in which processes are completed.

How to create value from business data

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