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Connected Government

Where human meets digital

Reimagining citizen services and digital products by connecting the brand promise with how governments operate, resulting in a seamless, human experience.


Expectations of individuals, communities and businesses across Australia are constantly changing. With this comes an increasing need for the public sector to respond to these evolving service expectations with thoughtfully designed digital experiences to deliver better outcomes for communities overall. From work to play, putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and understanding the long-term needs of communities is critical to delivering services that make a difference to their lives. 

We help governments design meaningful digital experiences, connecting people and the public service with greater transparency, and making it easier for citizens to trust government services through positive interactions. Taking a customer-led approach to service delivery, our work transforms government services to fit more seamlessly around people’s lives, ensuring Australians get the support they need, when they need it most. Enabling individuals and communities, businesses and employees to live and work in more connected ways than ever before.

Building tomorrow’s government services begins by considering needs, today. At PwC, we provide a new perspective on the bionic relationship between where human meets digital in public services. Our digital solutions put people at the centre, supporting meaningful, personalised experiences driven by a streamlined delivery approach for the public service. Backed by citizen-centric research, governments can transform services in alignment with the insights and expectations of the communities they serve.

The result? Connection between the customer and government, connection between services, and connection across channels, creating a seamless, human experience.


Reimagining services and digital products

Citizen-led digital service delivery is critical to building trust and transparency in government, and bringing an integrated approach across multiple agencies to meet their needs. This means designing services that fit into people’s lives, rather than expecting people to fit around government services. A thriving public sector must understand that digital isn’t just about technology - it’s about what technology can enable. New ways of solving problems, creating unique experiences, and accelerating service delivery performance.

Humanising the digital experience

Social exclusion costs the Australian economy $45 billion each year and impacts 6.7 million people. In Australia, the onset of COVID-19 has brought about spikes in exclusiveness against young people, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and people living with a disability. The need to take an inclusive and personalised approach to the design and delivery of Government services, as well as continuously listen to customers and take action on feedback, has never been more critical. PwC’s Inclusion by Design methodology is a no-regrets approach for designing products and services for Government that are inclusive and accessible at their core, creating significant benefits for citizens, businesses and the public service.

Embedding customer focus in policy design and service delivery

Service delivery exists at the intersection of human and digital. Governments recognise that given the accelerating pace of technological change, they need to quickly deliver the digital capabilities and services required to keep pace with citizen expectations. The future of government service delivery goes well beyond citizen-centric services, or whole-of- government approaches — it gravitates toward whole-of-life service delivery and an integrated whole-of-government approach. By connecting this approach with government ways of working, behaviours and culture, the citizen experience can be reimagined.

PwC Australia’s Citizen Survey 2022

Bringing all citizens on the digital journey

Citizen expectations of government are high and, while much has been achieved in the past few years to improve service delivery, particularly digital, there is always more to do and more to gain. This report draws on the findings of our citizen ‘pulse check’ surveys, which are designed to help inform government service delivery requirements.

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