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Trainee Program

Earn while you learn with us.

Create a meaningful career, and yourself. 

Combine studies with work, all while receiving professional and financial support.

Our Trainee Program is a unique three-year opportunity that offers real paid work experience while you complete your degree. Why not get ahead of the curve and graduate with both a degree and full-time, relevant work experience? You'll set yourself up for a successful and fulfilling career by gaining an early insight into what areas of work you're most passionate about.

Putting what you're learning at uni into practice, you'll join our Assurance team to work on solving our complex client problems. And like many Trainees before you, you may also receive an offer to join us as a full-time Graduate afterwards.

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Are you ready to create meaningful change?

If you’re a first year single degree student or a second year double degree student, our Trainee Program might be for you. We look for students from a range of degree backgrounds including Accounting, Commerce, Information Technology, Analytics, Project Management – just to name a few!

As a Trainee you’ll be assessed against the competencies of our global framework, the PwC Professional. This is how we define and encourage leadership at all levels - from Vacationer to Partner. Learn more about the framework and the skills we look for here.


What is the difference between a Trainee and a Vacationer?

As a Trainee, you'll embark on a three-year journey of combined work and study with PwC. You'll join us as a full-time employee while you study part-time for 2 years. For the third year you'll return to full-time study to complete your degree. Most Trainees will then return by joining our Graduate Program.


This is different to the Vacation Program, which is a full-time internship spanning between four and six weeks.


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Who is eligible to apply?

You must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident to apply.

Students in their first year of a three year single degree or students in their second year of a four year double degree are eligible to apply for the program.

A simple way to know if you're eligbile for this years program would be to ensure you fit within the following pattern: first year of a three year degree, second year of a four year degree, third year of a five year degree and so on.

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I’m an international student - can I apply?

Unfortunately only Australian permanent residents and citizens are eligible to apply.

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When do applications for the Trainee Program open and close?

Applications for the Trainee Program open on 31 August 2020. 

Applications close 20 September 2020.

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What’s the recruitment process?

Our process has never been easier! Simply:

  1. Apply online and complete the application form (Guess what? You don’t need a CV)

  2. Complete an online aptitude test

  3. Undertake a video interview

  4. Attend an online interview with a person(s) from the team you’ll join

Once you complete the process, offers will be issued from your local recruiter.

We have an exciting online assessment tool for you. You'll play a series of engaging and fun online games that'll assess cognitive, behavioural and emotional traits, giving us a little more insight into you as a person and where you'll thrive the most in our business. After you've completed it you'll also receive a traits report so you can learn more about yourself as well.

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What do you look for in a candidate?

As a Trainee you’ll be assessed against the competencies of our global framework, the PwC Professional. This is how we define and encourage leadership at all levels - from Vacationer to Partner. Learn more about the framework and the skills we look for here.

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When does the Trainee Program start?

Trainee Program start dates vary depending on the business area and location you join. You will generally commence your formal Trainee position in December in the same year, or early the following year after applying (Jan/Feb/March).

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Where will the Trainee Program take place?

Trainee roles are generally offered in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. However, keep an eye on our job ads to learn which locations will be offered this year.

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Am I paid as a Trainee?

Yes, you will be paid an annual salary.

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Which areas of the business look for Trainees?

We currently hire Trainees in our Assurance and Risk Assurance teams.

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Will taking part in this program affect the length of my undergraduate degree?

Becoming a Trainee means you’ll take one extra year to complete your degree. During your first two years of full-time work you will be provided 1 day a week of paid study leave and exam leave (as you’ll be studying part-time). If towards the completion of the Trainee Program you meet the applicable graduate criteria, you may be offered a graduate role.

By completing the program you are gaining invaluable training, industry experience, and professional development before you’ve even graduated. The Trainee Program will set you up for a successful career and give you a priceless advantage when it comes to applying for Graduate roles.

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I need an adjustment for a disability. What do I do?

PwC recognises the benefits of diversity and is committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce, including the number of employees with disability.

As part of our commitment to creating a culture of inclusion, if you have a disability we'll be happy to make reasonable adjustments to our processes for you.

During the application process you will be asked if you require any adjustments to our recruitment process or if you anticipate needing any workplace adjustments to enable you to perform the role you're applying for. If so, please specify and discuss with your recruiter on first contact. By letting us know we can help you to perform at your best.

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