Graduate Program

Creating a career as a Graduate.

As one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, we have the opportunity to create meaningful societal change. From growing trust in food production to building hope in artificial intelligence, our people create trust in society and solve important problems each day. By creating a Graduate career with us, here you’ll be provided with the opportunities you need to contribute to a ‘bigger picture’. 

Change starts with opportunity

Diversity is key to creating meaningful work, which is why we look for people from a range of different degree backgrounds and experiences. We may each be different, but we’re united by our shared passion, drive and readiness to embrace the ever evolving business landscape together. 

From day one as a Graduate you’ll be challenged by the work you do and supported by an innovative environment where all ideas are welcomed and teamwork is paramount. You’ll address the real-life challenges and opportunities that face the community at large and encouraged to bring your best ideas to help our clients. The opportunity you’ll gain is to tackle the challenges currently redefining our world.  


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So here’s the big question, what will you create?

Find out more about...

Harness technology to drive client growth.

In Assurance, we really get to know how businesses tick.

In consulting, you'll get to assist organisations and communities to change, for the better.

The experiences you'll enjoy as part of the Private Clients team are hands-on, and highly empowering.

The technology we all use today is essential for the next era of growth.

Working within our Deals team, you'll interact with a diverse range of domestic and overseas businesses.

Our Tax business provides clients with tailored solutions.

As a young lawyer you will obtain invaluable exposure to the fundamentals of commercial law.

Using project management, engineering or finance you'll solve complex problems across a range of industries.

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What are the key dates?

Applications are currently closed. 

Connect with us on our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn channels for all program updates.

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Who's eligible?

We accept people from all degree backgrounds and life experiences. To be eligible for our Graduate programs you’ll need to:

  • Be in your final year of study, or have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
  • Possess full-time working rights in Australia. International students will need to submit either one of the following: IELTS, OET, TOEFL, iBT, PTE or CAE. International Students will also need to submit their visa notice, and meet the minimum requirements as set out by the Australian Department of Immigration.  View these requirements.)

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I'm an international student – can I apply?

If you have full-time working rights within Australia, you can apply for the Graduate Program. You will be required to supply the following supporting documentation as evidence:

  • Either one of the following: IELTS, OET, TOEFL, iBT, PTE or CAE.
  • Your visa notice.

You will also need to meet the minimum requirements as set out by the Australian Department of Immigration.  View these requirements.


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Am I still a Graduate?

We consider candidates in their final year of university or those that have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

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When do applications open and close?

Applications are currently closed. 

Connect with us on our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn channels for all program updates.

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What's the recruitment process?

Our recruitment process has never been easier! Simply:

1. Apply online and complete the application form (Guess what? You don’t need a CV)
2. Complete an online assessment
3. Undertake a digital interview
4. Attend an immersive assessment day 

Once you complete the process, offers will be issued from your local recruiter.

What’s new? This year we have an exciting online assessment tool for you. You’ll play a series of engaging and fun online games that’ll assess cognitive, behavioural and emotional traits, giving us a little more insight into you as a person and where you’ll thrive the most in our business. After you’ve completed it you’ll also receive a traits report so you can learn more about yourself as well.

At PwC, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is an important part of everything we do. As part of this commitment, we want to remove any conscious or unconscious bias from impacting the recruitment process. Therefore, we no longer require you to upload a CV or resume as part of the application process. We care about your potential and ability, and look for people whose purpose and passions align with our values. We hope this will help create a more equitable, fair and diverse application experience for you.

Academic transcripts will be requested upon successfully reaching the final stage of assessment to verify your degree. 

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What do you look for in a candidate?

As a Graduate you’ll be assessed against the competencies of our global framework, the PwC Professional. This is how we define and encourage leadership at all levels - from Vacationer to Partner. Learn more about the framework and the skills we look for.

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When will the Assessment Centre Days be held?

Applications are now closed.

Connect with us on our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn channels for all program updates.

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What is Canvas - PwC’s Career Jam?

Assessment days for the Graduate program have now evolved into an exciting event experience called 'Canvas - PwC’s Career Jam'. At this event, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our culture, learn more about what we do and discover where your passions and skills may fit. At PwC, we are committed to helping you bring your most authentic self to work every day and we want you to choose us, as much as we choose you.

For more information, check out our 2017 Canvas - PwC’s Career Jam video.

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When does the Graduate Program start and end?

You will generally commence your formal Graduate position between December and March, following your offer. Some start dates may vary depending on the business area you join, your personal availability, or changing business needs.

Your Graduate position is permanent and ongoing. The Graduate Program ends for you individually when you are promoted to a Senior Consultant.

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Is the Graduate Program rotational?

Most Graduate positions are not rotational. You will work across the business area that you join on an ongoing basis, until you reach promotion and so on.

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I interviewed / applied last year and wasn’t selected. Can I reapply?

Yes! We welcome you to reapply.

Please note: If you’ve already taken the time to apply for a Graduate Program position with us in the last 12 months, your previous online assessment results will be taken into consideration for this application.

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Can I apply to more than one location or business area?

We accept one application per candidate. We recommend that you apply to the location and business area that closely aligns with your skills, passions and interests. People who reach the final stages of the recruitment process will be contacted by a recruiter to confirm the business area that they will be considered for.

Please note some business areas only offer student opportunities in certain locations. This will be indicated on the job ad. 

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I need an adjustment for a disability. What do I do?

PwC recognises the benefits of diversity and is committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce, including the number of employees with a disability.

As part of our commitment to creating a culture of inclusion, if you have a disability we'll be happy to make reasonable adjustments to our processes for you.

During the application process you will be asked if you require any adjustments to our recruitment process or if you anticipate needing any workplace adjustments to enable you to perform the role you're applying for. If so, please specify and discuss your needs with your recruiter upfront, so that we can help you to perform at your best.

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