Student Careers

What kind of impact will you create?

Together, we’ve created a collaborative and innovative community that’ll help you get the most out of your time with us. We’ll help you develop the skills, knowledge and network you need to create an exciting and inspiring career.

Our vision is to realise potential. It matters for our clients and society, but it starts with you. We equally support all of our people to create a career that grows as they do.

No matter what role you play, we’re committed to: 
  • Culture and Brand -  Our brand is there to inspire you to create meaningful societal change; our culture is there to support you both professionally and personally along the way. 
  • People - Be challenged and supported in equal measure. Build lifelong relationships with talented, diverse and forward-thinking people. 
  • Work - The work can be challenging at times, but at the end of each day you’ll know you’ve created a valuable difference. 
  • Recognition - It’s not all financial, however, your career path and pay will openly and fairly reflect your role and performance. 
  • Development - From day one, we’ll provide you with the training and development you need to discover your real capabilities. With a holistic approach to development you’ll be supported with formal and informal coaching, mentoring and teaching. 

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Turbo charge yourself with Training & Development

Joining through a student program means we don’t expect you to have the technical skills of experienced professionals. Once you’re here, you’ll be able to boost your professional development with access to an extensive L&D course, a Buddy-Coach system, and continual mentorship that’ll help guide you. 

We ensure you’re given support from the very beginning, at both the peer and manager level. From your induction, to ongoing development opportunities, which will vary depending on the business you join, we’re dedicated to giving all employees the opportunity to discover their potential.



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Where do you belong? 

Whether you’re studying Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Finance, Arts or anything else, there’s a place for you here. We come from all types of degree backgrounds and life experiences ourselves, and bring our unique views to our teams to create a truly unique community.

During the recruitment process, we will use elements from the PwC Professional framework to understand more about you as an individual, your working style and development potential. 

Even at entry level, we’re growing leaders who can live our purpose of building trust in society and solving real problems. By creating a people experience like no other, we differentiate ourselves from competitors. 

Find out more about...

Harness technology to drive client growth.

In Assurance, we really get to know how businesses tick.

In consulting, you'll get to assist organisations and communities to change, for the better.

The experiences you'll enjoy as part of the Private Clients team are hands-on, and highly empowering.

The technology we all use today is essential for the next era of growth.

Working within our Deals team, you'll interact with a diverse range of domestic and overseas businesses.

Our Tax business provides clients with tailored solutions.

As a lawyer you will obtain invaluable exposure to the fundamentals of commercial law.

Using project management, engineering or finance you'll solve complex problems across a range of industries.

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