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Put my experience to work

A diversity of people, backgrounds and ideas are what makes us strong. Add yours to the mix.

Are you richly experienced, and looking for a new challenge in your life and career?

Maybe your experience lies outside of professional services. Maybe you’ve been developing software. Maybe you’re coming from industry, science, academia, a law firm, the government or an NGO. Maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur. Maybe you don’t even have a college degree.

As the stories you’ll find below attest, we hire people from an enormous range of backgrounds - people you might never have expected to see at PwC. We provide experienced professionals the next step: the opportunity to take what they’ve learned and apply it through consulting with other companies. So if you have talent, unique qualifications, and a thirst for making a difference, learn more about PwC.

"I love what I do now, and it took me a little while to get there. I grew up in Malaysia and after school became an entrepreneur. 

I developed invaluable skills as an entrepreneur; and after a couple of years, I decided to move to Australia and bring them to PwC."

- Indar, Management Consultant

"Being from teaching doesn’t mean you have to focus on education or even government work. For me the best thing about PwC is that it’s truly a firm where anyone who is passionate can find opportunity.

The breadth of the work we do is so great that you can work across any industry in most parts of the world."

- Philip, Head of Engagement, Skills for Australia

"I studied aerospace engineering, and in my second year I did an exchange to China, working with a small team to make unmanned aircrafts. When I came back I taught myself how to code and started launching startups and tech projects.

Being able to develop and grow a team here at PwC that builds and runs startups within a big corporate really appeals to me."

- Ben, PwC Ventures

The work, life and cultural experiences that have shaped you are valuable - maybe more than you realise. At PwC you’ll get the chance to apply them to new areas and new industries. Many of the people who join us from outside the traditional realm of professional services feel deeply rewarded by the opportunity to fuse their past passions and present work into a fulfilling future, professionally and personally.

We don’t seek out pre-set, cookie-cutter roles. We hire brilliant people from all walks of life. Our teams include accountants, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, scientists, technologists, programmers, entrepreneurs, people with government and NGO experience. People with qualifications and experience you might find unusual, such as geology, languages and the arts.

What do these breadth of services and roles and professionals have in common? They’re all part of a rich, extremely effective ecosystem that functions as a larger whole on behalf of our clients, and society. You might be surprised to find there is a role for you here, too.

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