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Are you ready to help our growing team transform how risk is perceived and capitalised on?

Trust and Risk: Who are we?

Today's business environment is different. More complex. More connected. Companies not only face new and unknown risks, but also new and untapped opportunities. Our team is at the forefront of this change, ready to transform how you perceive - and capitalise on - risk.

Drawing from deep expertise on the relationship between technology and business, our Trust and Risk team (which sits within our Assurance business line) brings together diverse technical skill sets and business nous to drive our clients growth and enable them to create a competitive advantage. They work to help clients protect and strengthen every aspect of their business; from people to performance, systems to strategy and business plans to business resilience.  

What type of career will you create?

Roles within our Trust and Risk team are as diverse as they are varied! Our team come from many different backgrounds and experiences, working collaboratively to solve our clients' most complex problems. Dependent on your skill set, a role within the team could see you working within one of several unique teams.

This could be: Data Assurance, Enterprise Process & Technology, Governance Risk & Compliance, Internal Audit, Cybersecurity & Digital Trust, or Transformation Assurance - which is made up by several smaller teams.

Regardless of which area you join, you'll work to provide invaluable insights and independent assurance to help clients discover and unlock real value.

Choose your Trust and Risk team...

Identifying areas of risk and process improvement by understanding an organisation's systems, objectives, risks, control framework and regulatory environment

Build trust by helping clients understand and manage cyber security risks of digital platforms and data.

Deliver insight to clients through data analytics and data visualisation.

Harness your project management skills to drive organisational transformation aligned to strategic outcomes.

Create integrated approaches to risk that help clients build a resilient and successful business.

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Teams within Governance, Risk & Controls...

Internal Audit

In an environment of transformation, increasing complexity and an evolving risk landscape, Executives and Boards are looking to Internal Audit for confidence and insights. For many Internal Audit functions, this means evolving to keep pace with the needs of stakeholders and business. Our Internal Audit teams partner with clients to improve their risk profile by strengthening their internal controls and risk management processes. This includes identifying areas of risk and process improvement by understanding an organisation's systems, objectives, risks, control framework and regulatory environment.

What skills are involved in Internal Audit?

The Internal Audit team is united by a shared passion for the creation and support of internal audit functions. To do well here, you’ll thrive in a collaborative and innovative environment and want to join a team that values problem solvers. You’ll be commercially astute and be ready to build enduring client relationships, ensuring client outcomes are delivered.

Technology Risk

Our Tech Risk practice provides our clients with independent review and confidence in the technology decisions, applications and the platforms they operate.

We help our clients manage risks on their journey to a more digitally integrated environment which enables them to better harness new technologies. We help them gain value across their technology ecosystem by addressing risks tied to systems, security, data, reporting, and programs.
Our team provides assurance in relation to client activities spanning Technology Strategy and Transformation, IT Operations, Digital Integration and Emerging Technology as well as specialist Technology support for internal and external audit services.

What skills are involved in Technology Risk? 

We are looking for team members who have a passion for existing and emerging technology. Your skills may range from traditional IT Security to building bots or assuring the existence of cryptocurrency. A base understanding of the risks our clients will be facing in their use of technology is required combined with a drive to help them protect their organisations through the implementation of well-designed control environments.

Third Party Trust

Trust sits at the heart of a sustainable business. Management that are serious about addressing a growing trust deficit must recognise the need to do more to increase confidence in the commitments they make to their stakeholders. Increased transparency is key to building trust and creating a business that is both respected and resilient. 

We act as catalysts for that confidence by applying our expertise across a broad spectrum of solutions. From designing effective trust frameworks to providing credible and respected assurance over the processes, controls and reporting that underpin those commitments, we enable our clients to communicate with greater transparency, build trust and unlock commercial advantage. 

What skills are involved in Third Party Trust?

We are looking for team members who have a solid background in contract and commercial assurance with a strong focus on third party relationships. You will bring a solid understanding of regulations and compliance frameworks such as Compliance Plans, AFSLs, APRAs prudential standards, SIS Act as well as technical skills in controls, risk and governance. You're passionate about helping team members with their career growth as well as your own. You thrive in a collaborative and innovative culture and want to join a firm that values problem solvers, the kind of people who reimagine the possible for their clients and key stakeholders.

Commercial Assurance

The Commercial Assurance team helps clients enhance their performance across their complex third party relationships throughout the contract lifecycle as well as across the wider customer and supplier portfolios. We work with organisations to help them better identify, understand and manage third party risk driving financial operational and reputational benefits through an assessment of your third party relationships.

What skills are involved in Commercial Assurance?

Underpinning the team’s success in Commercial Assurance is a ‘can do’ attitude to challenges and the agility to multitask effectively across competing priorities. To do well here you’ll have excellent client relationship skills, both internally and externally, assist in the development strategies and methodologies, and possess the skills and background to help overseas and aid with run of engagements.

Risk & Regulatory

Risk & Regulatory work with frontline stakeholders to help them put the end customer at the center of what they do, which enables them to grow their businesses confidently in an environment post heightened regulatory scrutiny. As part of their overall role they also work with Regulators where they perform independent assessments of financial services businesses under an Enforceable Undertaking engagement model.

What skills are involved in Risk & Regulatory?

Given the majority of stakeholders the team work with are within the frontline of financial services organisations, they require people who have worked directly in the frontline or had direct exposure to the frontline with experience in one of the major financial services hubs (e.g. London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong). People with a solid background in conduct risk and are capable of leading discussions with senior level stakeholders and presenting with impact will do well here.

In some of the more technical capabilities the team requires people with direct experience or relevant exposure to front office technology trading algorithms, electronic trading platforms and/or industry’s customer facing digital distribution channels. As part of this it is advantageous to have experience with any of the following programing languages, Python, Java, SQL, C++, Splunk.

Process Optimisation

Processes are at the heart of every business. Business transformations and improvements can only have visible and lasting value if it is affected at the process level. Our Process Optimisation team provides the mechanisms to effectively monitor, manage and communicate business process within an organisation to deal with these challenges. In addition, business process review or redesign is an ideal opportunity to review current internal controls embedded in the business process to ensure that the controls are optimised. This will ensure that there is maximum benefit at the lowest cost out of the investment in controls.

What skills are involved in Process Optimisation?

You have a solid background in risk assessment and are capable of leading discussions on business processes, risks and technology direction and as a result build strong relationships. You’re passionate about seeking new ways to add value to your clients. You thrive in a collaborative and innovative culture and want to join a team that values problem solvers, the kind of people who reimagine the possible for their clients and key stakeholders.

Conduct, Culture & Accountability 

Organisations with a strong culture, strong conduct and clear accountability generally outperform. We work with clients to give them insights and confidence as to whether their conduct, culture and accountability are optimal for their strategy, risk appetite and fully compliant with regulations and their stakeholder expectations.

What skills are involved in Conduct, Culture and Accountability?

We look for skills and experience in governance, risk and controls, as well as culture assessment, measurement and change. It is fundamental that you have a genuine interest in people, behaviours and culture. Key attributes include: Strong conceptual thinking and ability to synthesis multiple sources of data and analysis, the ability to apply good judgement and support conclusions reached, the ability to present with impact and empathy and have had exposure of presenting to senior level stakeholders, and experience in managing projects end-to-end.

Financial Product & Advice

Financial Product & Advice help organisations meet the ever-changing financial advice needs of their clients. They work to help business strategies grow and innovate, to create unique client experiences, and to strengthen a client’s trust and market position while constantly adapting to regulatory change and ASIC expectations.

What skills are involved in Financial Product & Advice?

The team collectively holds a broad range of skill sets and professional backgrounds with exposure across the financial services sector. Subject matter expertise include: Licensee and Adviser Compliance, Licensee Operations, Financial, Credit and Insurance Advice, Financial Products, FoFA and Responsible Lending, Risk Management, Data Analytics, Controls Testing, Consulting.

Our culture

We're well known for our prestigious brand and global network, but our people and the culture we create together is what really drives us every day. That is why we've built a shared environment that challenges the status quo to bring our unique differences together. 

Our home is one of collaboration, teamwork and innovation. Above all, it's one that embraces difference as a key asset to our community. Rather than have you blend in, we want to help you unleash your full potential, both personally and professionally. This is our commitment to you.

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