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Make a difference

Create impact. Work with purpose.

We’re all living in a world that’s increasingly complex, diverse and socially conscious. The traditional either/or paradigms – ‘profit vs. values’ and ‘employers vs. employees’ – are outdated and what replaces them, is a more sophisticated measure: shared purpose.

This is the principle that drives PwC. We understand that we operate in a series of ecosystems - our people, our clients, our nation, the global economy, the planet. And we know that we can only succeed in our mission of building trust in society and solving important problems if we’re doing so in a balanced, inclusive way. One that supports and aligns with all of these ecosystems - starting with the personal purposes of our people.

Our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our doors is deep and broad. From environmental sustainability – in our buildings, in our carbon footprint, and in our policies – to addressing broad societal challenges such as innovation, LGBTI rights, gender, equality and diversity, we are proud to be at the forefront of positive social change.

"My parents valued public service - and when I think about my career path, it was definitely their influence that led me to work in government in public policy development for over 10 years. My role at PwC today provides a more powerful way to influence policy reform in areas that I’m passionate about - particularly early childhood and education."

- Zac, Director, Economics & Policy

“I’m on the Board for Surf Life Saving NSW - a really rewarding experience as it brings together my sporting passion with my professional skills. As the youngest board member I bring insight about the expectations of younger lifesavers, and how we can improve gender diversity in leadership roles.”

- Pip, Assurance Innovation Leader

Equally important, we encourage you to bring your own purposes to work. If there’s something that gets you out of bed in the morning – an issue you care passionately about or an impact you want to make – you can make it happen here and on a larger scale than you might have thought possible!

We encourage you to do more than the job at hand and we give you the material support so you can give back to society, in countless ways. This could be in the form of paid volunteering days, charitable donation matches, our PwC Foundation Trust supporting STEM education, a volunteering platform, pro bono opportunities, our Indigenous Consulting team (PIC), and more. We even have a team that focuses on aligning our leaders’ skills with not-for-profits and social enterprises that need them.

In this, as in every other area of our business, we are driven by the unique passions, talents and creativity of our people. Your impact matters here.

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