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Open to new possibilities - in workspaces that work for you.

Work is more than a thing you do, or a place where you go to do it. Work is also a feeling - a state of mind, a sense of possibility and of empowerment. That’s why, all across our Australian offices, we’ve invested in technologies and purpose-built spaces designed for collaborative thinking - environments where our people (and our clients) can do their best work, together.

Our new offices are at the cutting edge of modern, sustainable design, and equipped with the latest technologies. It’s a design that breaks down unintentional barriers to success - private offices, cramped work stations and the like - and re-centres the work experience on what really works: flexibility, openness, collaboration, well-being.

“The world is changing rapidly and we’re investing heavily in technology to enhance the quality of our services. Whether it’s the tax and audit services of the future, blockchain or augmented reality, we’re focused on meeting the needs of our clients - and the career aspirations of our people.”

- Bob Moritz, PwC Global Chairman

"Our remote working tools are first class. Anything you can access in the office is available anywhere - whether in a café, at home, in an airport. Everything is put in place to allow you to shape the job around your life."

- Sheldon, Mobility Specialist

"In the same way that designing for people with disabilities produces innovations that benefit everyone, a focus on employee health and wellness can assist in truly accelerating innovation and changing agendas.”

- Kate, Head of Innovation & Disruption

At PwC, our appetite for openness extends in all directions. We've set our sights on becoming the most technologically advanced professional services firm in the world. We've dived head first into the world of digital and software development - providing end-to-end solutions, from creative content to complete apps, for our people and our clients.

But our mission goes beyond that. We're using new technology and design to reinvent the whole traditional notion of a workplace - centred around the core human conditions of well-being and fulfilment. Think: Less ‘office’. More high-tech hub of creative collaboration.

Here you’ll find open spaces, play spaces, quiet high-focus zones, and low-focus spaces thoughtfully designed for incubating innovation. You’ll have your choice of laptops and devices - or if you prefer you can BYOD to work. And heaps of other options, including multi-screens, stand-up desks and VOIP clients instead of desk phones, plus pop-in meeting rooms full of whiteboards and opportunities to brainstorm (or simply have fun). It’s all focused on optimising your well-being and the unique quality of work you bring to us.

The vibrant, collaborative workspace is the future. At PwC, it’s the heart of what we do.

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