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Our culture and benefits

Our Culture

We’re well-known for our prestigious brand and global network, but our people and the culture we co-create is what really drives us every day. That is why we’ve built a shared environment that challenges the status quo to bring our unique differences together.

Our home is one of collaboration, teamwork and innovation. But, above all, it’s one that embraces difference. Not every firm is like this. We see your unique differences as a key asset to our community. And, rather than have you blend in, we want to help you unleash your full potential – both personally and professionally. This is our commitment to you.

Ignite Your Human Spirit

For us, everything we do and aspire to must be driven by our human spirit - our collective creativity, authenticity and differences. We believe, the only way to impact the big societal and business agendas troubling Australia is by empowering our people to be the champions of change.

Strengthening our ties with each other remains at our core. Whether you take part in our employee-led diversity networks that promote cultural, disability, LGBTI, and gender equality, or simply use our ‘Dress for your day’ policy to wear what makes you feel like you, the choice is yours!

Women in Focus

We think everyone deserves equal opportunity. However, the reality is that Australian women, and women in general, are still having to fight for equal career opportunities on a broader scale. This is why we’ve taken a leading position to make sure the playing fields are level for all.

We’re aware of the gender leadership gap, and we’re set on closing it. Together, we’ve created an environment that doesn’t simply embrace women, it helps them to succeed, so that they’re primed for future leadership. It’s only the start and we’re continuing to fight for equality – both inside and outside of our offices!

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Flex Your Work

Culture is more than just a ‘vibe’, it’s the freedom to flexibly choose how, when and where you work, in a way that suits your day. We trust you to work in a way that best suits your needs, and provide you with the tools and movement to do it.

In our global drive to become the most technology enabled professional services firm, we’ve embraced tech solutions that mean you can personalise your working style. From meetings on treadmills, to connecting remotely using Google Hangouts, or simply playing with Lego on a much-needed mental health break, you’ll completely re-invent the way your work, for the better!


We want you to love every (if not, almost every) minute of your career, having said this, we get it. Each life stage we all go through comes with a new set of priorities and demands. This is why we support you through a range of financial and non-financial rewards and benefits, so regardless of your situation, there’s something for everyone. Things like not working on your birthday may only have a small part to play, but we hope collectively they’ll make a big impact and support what you value the most.

PwC perks

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Paid study (and leave!)

For certain qualifications, we’ll pay all the costs and give you time off to study.

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18 weeks parental leave

For mums, dads and foster carers, able to be taken flexibly, with no minimum service requirement and including superannuation contributions.

Digital upskilling

We provide digital upskilling and accelerator programs to support your growth in the digital world.

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Be rewarded for great performance each year.

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The Learning Hub

Turbo charge your professional development with access to extensive L&D courses.

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Professional memberships

Keep on top of the latest thinking in your profession and we’ll cover the costs.



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