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From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, Blockchain to Drones, Robots to the Internet of Things, and 3D Printing to Virtual Reality, we’re on top of the megatrends. New technologies are emerging all the time, and we’re helping our clients to explore how they can harness and use them to their organisations’ advantage. That requires an entrepreneurial attitude, so we do things first and ask permission later.

These prominent megatrends also require a workforce with the skills to contribute. As we support transformation and innovation in our own and our clients' businesses, our need for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) backgrounds increases along with the need for people with diverse - and often unexpected - business, industry and life experience backgrounds.

Our approach

We've set our sights on becoming the most technologically advanced professional services firm in the world. We've dived head first into the world of digital and software development, providing end-to-end solutions from creative content to complete apps. Yet our mission goes beyond that – we're using new technology to reinvent our traditional work. We've already started with some fantastic platforms and apps in the market like Nifty Forms and Airtax (used by Uber drivers to do their tax on the go).

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) are quickly becoming important technologies in our future plans. It's quickly moving from fantasy to reality with the first generation of head-mounted displays now entering the consumer gaming and entertainment market, but VR isn’t limited to just gaming. VR adds an unprecedented level of immersion, delivering engaging experiences that are poised to change how we do business, across a whole range of sectors. At PwC, we now host Australia’s largest Virtual Reality team who work with clients to develop practical applications of VR in industries such as health and learning.


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PwC's digital accelerator, the Experience Centre brings together experts from multiple disciplines, creating next-generation experiences for customers, employees and partners.


Performing robust assessments of operational technology environments, this area formulates security recommendations and implements them end-to-end.


Finding new meaning through data, our analytical methods and tools take contextual information and provide important insights for business.


Our diverse team of software developers and business analysts work together to deliver innovative, technology driven end-to-end solutions that automate, enhance and optimise business processes.


Translating deep technological solutions into simple business outcomes, with a focus on end-to-end, large scale enterprise level transformations for some of our highest profile clients. Our team offers a range of capabilities, from designing IT strategies, developing technology architecture, building enterprise application solutions, sourcing, and project and operational management.


Our internal IT support and technology innovation team ensure that we have the best tools at our disposal (such as the Google Suite) and receive the best tech support around by reimagining how we interact and use technology in our daily work environments.


Our team helps clients leverage and build on their current technology to enhance capability and ensure they are aligned and equipped to meet the needs of the business.


Our Forensic Services practice offers a full spectrum of forensic solutions, ranging from fraud prevention and detection management to post-incident investigative services and remedial activities.


Our Risk Assurance team helps clients analyse, assess and address risk. They explain how to navigate the regulatory requirement of our world where technology and innovation are having dramatic impacts. Services include IT & Project Assurance, Information Security Assurance, Risk & Controls Optimisation and Internal Audit. For more information please refer to the Risk Assurance section.

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The technology teams at PwC are as varied as they are unique. We work at the intersection of business and data-manipulation in Risk Assurance and Insight Analytics, create and deliver end-to-end UX for the companies of tomorrow in The Experience Centre. Our Cyber Security team employs offensive security techniques to identify vulnerabilities in client systems, and we develop market-leading technologies and solutions for PwC’s workforce in our DigiTech team.

We’re actively hiring people into our teams who have the ability to add real insight and value to the work we do. Whether you’re interested in Virtual Reality, IT Risk Assurance, Data Analytics, Cyber Security or Consulting, you’ll have the chance to imagine, create and execute leading solutions for a diverse range of clients.

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