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Careers in Canberra

Create a career path that comes with both opportunity and lifestyle.

Build a next generation government

We live in such exciting technology enabled times. What would living in Australia be like if the government caught up? 

At PwC Australia, we're passionate about driving this change. But, we need your help to create our 21st Century Government. This means we're hiring Consultants with diverse skill sets across Technology, Operations and Human Resources to work on some of the biggest projects attempted in the public sector. 

What might this future look like? Think working smarter, not harder. A government with a clear mission, self service technology and effective ways of harnessing data. They'll be able to react to our life events without being prompted.

Our people on making the move to Canberra

"We have grown substantially, but we all have common roots and everyone knows each other. Everyone can put a name to a face - it sounds corny, but it really is like a mini family." - Rahul Verma, Director in Risk Assurance.

"I love the fact that Canberra is big enough in that it has everything you need, yet it is so much easier to live here than Sydney or Melbourne." - Rob Tyson, Director in Economics & Policy. 

"I really noticed the positive difference in terms of lifestyle. There's no traffic and commutes are easy. There's no hassle involved in going out and taking advantage of different hubs or surrounding suburbs. " - Emilia Christoforou, Manager in Operations.

Areas of work you can join...

A new business line that will deliver long-term placements of specialist skilled staff.

Help clients navigate through each new complexity from business design and implement IT and control solutions.

Help clients build, design and implement technology solutions, ensuring systems are future-proof.

All about people, we help improve organisational performance.

Help clients meet their objectives by identifying more efficient and effective ways to undertake business.

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Accounting, Tax & Finance

External Audit

Using your skills in accounting and finance, and a passion for problem-solving, critical thinking, and building strong relationships, in Assurance you’ll help build trust in the Australian capital markets system. Through analysis of a client’s financial reports you’ll form a view on whether the information presented, taken as a whole, reflects the financial position of the organisation at a given date. 

The work you do will positively impact the lives of everyday Australians, such as ensuring Australian national budgets are being spent wisely. Being a part of the External Audit team Assurance team means you'll ask questions, test assumptions and support our clients to accurately report information that investors and others can rely on building trust and confidence. Each project is an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and better understand how businesses operate, taking a holistic approach as you assess risk to help businesses succeed.

Internal Audit (Trust and Risk)

Using your skills in accounting and finance and your ability to gather and analyse meaningful, holistic information, as part of the Internal Audit team within Trust and Risk in Assurance, you’ll help evaluate how effective our clients are at governance and managing risks in relation to their organisational goals. With your conceptual and analytical thinking, you’ll help strengthen their governance and risk management frameworks, as well as control processes to identify growth opportunities for our clients.

CFO Advisory

CFO Advisory helps CFOs solve their most important current and emerging problems. In CFO Advisory each day is different. You will work with a broad sector of clients to:

  • Evaluate, design and implement robust control frameworks.
  • Transform their finance functions. This includes helping them meet their objectives by streamlining and automating finance processes, enabling effective business partnering and optimising financial reporting to enable effective decision making.
  • Remediate emerging issues that impact finance.
  • Support clients when implementing new ERPs.
  • Design and build visualisation tools that leverage large data sets.

Our clients span a range of industries, including public sector, media and entertainment, construction, health, supply chain and procurement, and financial services.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Joining one of several teams, you'll work to offer an integrated approach to risk and regulatory compliance that helps clients build a resilient and successful business. This involves identifying and maximising opportunities, protecting reputation, mitigating downside threats and designing and implementing an optimised internal control environment.

Teams within Governance, Risk and Controls include: Commercial Assurance, Risk & Regulatory Compliance, Culture & Accountability, Certification, Environment, Sustainability & Governance and Fraud & Forensics.

Culture is important

We're well known for our presitgious brand and global network, but our people and the culture we create together is what really drives us every day. That is why we've built a shared environment that challenges the status quo to bring our unique differences together. 

Our home is one of collaboration, teamwork and innovation. Above all, it's one that embraces difference as a key asset to our community. Rather than have you blend in, we want to help you unleash your full potential, both personally and professionally. This is our commitment to you.

Discover more about our Culture & Benefits.

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