Why you should make the move to Canberra

Cyber Security Consultant, Chris Whipp, moved to Canberra for his career, but he’s stayed for the lifestyle.

Chris Whipp first joined our Cyber Security team as an intern in the Sydney office. He was actually completing a degree in solar engineering at the time, but had limited opportunities to experience work in the field. When offered the opportunity to explore the world of cyber he “gave it a go”. One year on, Chris has immersed himself in his new career path, even moving to our Canberra office to work on large client engagements.

“I was initially interested in opportunities in Canberra because of the large pipeline of penetration testing work available. The housing affordability, commute, and lifestyle in Canberra is what won me over though.”

“The lifestyle in Canberra is much better. My one and half hour commute is down to 10 minutes, and there are more opportunities to get hands-on experience with big clients. Also, I can actually afford to buy a place in Canberra!”

If you’re curious as to what the work behind “penetration testing” involves, Chris describes it as a role “where you essentially attempt to hack a new application a client is developing to look for potential vulnerabilities”. It’s a team that works together to ensure a new application is safe for both the users and the company who are developing it.

“For example, we make sure that users of the application can’t access the sensitive information of other users or penetrate the internal systems of the company to access restricted data.”

Ask Chris if he’s seen his day-to-day work make a positive impact on the team’s clients and broader society and he’ll respond with a resounding ‘yes’.

“Some of the vulnerabilities discovered in our client’s web applications would have had a detrimental impact on their customer’s privacy if they had been released. These types of security issues are acting as a driving force for investing in secure development across the lifecycle of a system or web application, which is trending in the industry.”

“Ultimately, it’s about building and/or creating something that can be used securely and safely by all parties.”

Looking to progress your own Consulting career? With endless high impact projects to work on, Chris says a move to Canberra could be the best move.

“If you’re keen to work in the Cyber Security industry and you’re also looking to gain better life balance then definitely make the move! There’s loads of Cyber Security work with Government agencies here, which means you can get to work on high impact projects and really make a difference in society.”

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