Ledgers and laughter

When she left high school, Laura never thought she was going to end up studying Commerce and Accounting or work for one of the big four... But boy she’s glad she did.

When Laura Pagni left high school she was unsure of what she wanted to do, she certainly never expected to study commerce and accounting! Having played piano since she was little, she originally auditioned at the Conservatorium of Music but soon decided that a career in music wasn’t for her. Being of Italian heritage, Laura always wanted to learn the language, and so she decided to study at the University of Sydney, completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and Italian.

Today, Laura works for PwC as a Senior Accountant - Assurance and Advisory, Private Clients. She is part of a young and vibrant team of 60 people and thanks to a number of new client wins, it is a team that is growing rapidly - every month there are at least 2-3 new joiners!

“I never know where I am going to be tomorrow, and that’s exciting,” says Laura. “I have visited clients all over Sydney and spend a lot of time speaking with business owners, accountants, operations managers and procurement officers.”

In the past year, Laura was lucky enough to be part of the Assurance Tutor Pool: a group of facilitators who present the audit core curriculum to new joiners over their first two years with the firm.

“It has been rewarding and fun to be part of this process and to see the junior staff learn and develop. I enjoy the coaching and teaching aspect of my role and thanks to this experience I have been able to build on this skill and the day-to-day coaching that comes with my role as a Senior Accountant.”

Passionate about health and fitness, wellbeing is really important to Laura. She loves eating healthy and wholesome food. She also rarely misses a day of exercise!

“It feels so great to get my heart pumping and to start my day with a challenging workout. In my eyes, it sets me up to succeed for the day before the sun has even come up.”

Many people thing PwC is only made up of people from accounting backgrounds. Since joining PwC, Laura was surprised by how many different types of people work at the organisation and how many incredible friendships she has been able to make.

“I have worked on many tasks and with many people who do not work in accounting, particularly in Private Clients where we help people, usually families, improve their businesses from end-to-end, not just their accounting function.”

“As much as this is a place of work and people are extremely focused and dedicated, everyone is always up for a laugh and in that way, it is a great environment to be a part of. Sometimes the days can be long, but it is truly the people who get you through the tough periods. I've met and created some friendships here that will last a long time and I'm grateful for that.”

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