Graduates ready to make an impact following Canvas - PwC’s Career Jam

“We wanted to ignite human spirit and ensure candidates have fun and learn while securing a graduate job with us,” says Talent Acquisition Director Julie Duncan. “It is important that they get to choose us as much as we get to choose them.”

For graduates considering a future career at PwC, things just got a whole lot better. Not only have we ditched the CV to ensure a more fair and equitable process, but this year our assessment centres got a real shake-up! Business is changing and so are the types of people we are looking for. We decided it was time to engage with students in more meaningful ways giving them more of a chance to showcase the best version of themselves.


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Following the campaign, our top 300 candidates in Sydney and Melbourne had the opportunity to attend Canvas - PwC’s Career Jam. At the final stages of the recruitment process, this two day immersive learning experience gave students the opportunity to build a relationship with the firm and better understand how their personal strengths and passions align with our strategy, culture and values.

Over the course of the two days, students were inspired by the story and insights of partner Sue Horlin, participated in a panel discussion with past graduates and networked with business representatives. They also had time to experience best of the firm’s new technology including Pathfinder - PwC’s new augmented reality app! Through these fun and interactive experiences, students were able to learn more about the work that we do and imagine the kind of impact they could make through their work here.

A design thinking workshop facilitated by our Learning and Development team helped students work together to come up with possible solutions to some of the real problems our clients face. In doing so they discovered more about themselves, their leadership skills and their ability to problem solve and work as part of a team. Buzzing with ideas, they pitched their best solution to a panel of judges as part of their formal assessment before commencing their final interviews.

As students piled into our new office spaces for the very first time, the enthusiasm and excitement was imminent. But what was even more notable was the sense of calm that immediately followed. Seemingly, the usual bundle of nerves students usually experience during these final stages of the recruitment process, had been somewhat abated. Feedback indicated that students felt both “calmer” and “happier”.

One student said: “I feel super pumped after Career Jam. PwC is changing the recruitment process in such an inspiring way.” Another remarked: “It was a brilliantly organised assessment centre experience, made for the 21st century to bring the best out me.”

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