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When you work in fresh and forward thinking team, exciting things can and will happen... Just ask Anja Strogies! It may have been early in her career but after joining PwC as a Global Tax Consultant, she had the opportunity to work with the big players from the get go. But how did she get there and what does she actually do day-to-day? We sat her down for a quick chat to find out...

"What really matters to me in relation to my workplace? It was not long until I figured it all came down to the people I work with."

Tell us a little bit about your educational background - where did you study?

I studied International Business and Management at Fontys International Business School in Venlo Netherlands leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration.

What is it like working in the Global Tax team at PwC?

Right now, the team consists of around 40 people. When I started working full time after having graduated from university I asked myself the question: What really matters to me when it comes to my workplace? It was not long until I figured it all came down to the people I work with. I am lucky to be able to say that I have a very supportive team that collaborates to provide the best quality of work to clients. Before joining PwC, I feared a very competitive and harsh environment - an image that is often perpetuated by the media. On the contrary, I found a very peaceful and friendly environment at PwC. Sure, there are certain challenges that we face in relation to our clients but rather than pressuring each other we cooperatively work together to overcome and grow from those challenges as a team.

What is the most exciting part of your role?

There are certainly many exciting parts of my role at PwC. However, the part that excites me the most is that I get to meet and work with key decision makers at several large multinationals from all over the world. I get very valuable insights on a variety of industries, companies and their very diverse way of operating in their field and I am thrilled to be able to contribute to their success.

Has there been a certain career highlight that you can recall?

I recently contributed to a bilateral agreement between Singapore's tax authority and the Australian Taxation Office for one of our largest clients. This has certainly been a highlight of my time at PwC.

"Once upon a time, if you had of asked me what my profession was going to be, I would have probably answered with Rock Star, Scuba Diver or Skydive Instructor!"

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about meeting people and getting to know their backgrounds and approaches to problems. This excites me at work but also on my time off (yes, there is such thing!). I like learning about different cultures and enjoy finding and testing new traditional recipes for a nice weekend meal with friends.

Did you always know you wanted to work in this industry?

Once upon a time, if you had of asked me what my profession was going to be, I would have probably answered with rock star, scuba diver or skydive instructor! If you had told me I was going to become a Global Tax Consultant, I would have had a good giggle (and so would have my parents). However, I can tell you that some of my days are actually more exciting (and luckily less life threatening) than a day doing one of those jobs!

In your opinion, why would you encourage others to work/apply for jobs at PwC?

No matter who you are, what you want in life and what you are passionate about, PwC will give you the support you need to get wherever you want to be. PwC knows you are best at whatever you enjoy most. You can make a difference while being supported by a great global network.

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