Millicent's "Big Idea"

This year, PwC will be proudly presenting the Big Issue's Big Idea competition. The competition challenges students to develop a concept and business plan for a new social enterprise (similar to that of the Big Issue), giving students the chance to develop a wide range of employability skills such as empathy and team work.

Millicent's "Big Idea"

Meet Millicent, a previous contestant in the Big Idea and now, an associate within PwC’s Experience Centre within Consulting.

"During my final year of my Commerce degree (Marketing) at Swinburne University, I was required to partake in an industry-linked project, whereby I was assigned the Big Idea. I've always viewed myself as very fortunate in life, so when I was given the opportunity to use my practical and theoretical skills from university to come up with life changing ideas to help marginalised Australians – it seemed more than worth my time!"

During her time at university, Millicent had little exposure to the concept of "social enterprise" in Australia, but over the duration of the program and competition, became well prepared to present her team's business proposal in front of big names in business, including Telstra's CEO!

"The Big Idea was the first time I realised the importance of feedback and how crucial it is to do your research and practice."

"I would encourage students, as well as universities, to get involved as it's an opportunity to learn from and network with some of Australia’s business and philanthropic leaders. Further, by simply taking part in the competition, you’re doing something for someone else and get to use your education to give back to the community. Lastly, the skills you’ll develop, such as project management, presentation and research skills, really gave me a head start to joining the workforce."

Since taking part in the Big Idea, and finishing in second place overall in the 2014 competition, Millicent was given the opportunity to join PwC as a graduate after meeting PwC employees throughout the competition. Now, Millicent works as an associate within the Experience Centre, which is a team of professionals who help to solve complex business problems with a focus on digital.

"The Big Idea allowed me to leverage my network, and provided me with a career – despite not winning the competition overall!"

"The firm allows for skilled volunteering, so I am currently working with another Melbourne based not-for-profit who is looking to commercialise aspects of their business and move away from being government funded – how perfect is that for timing!"

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