Bake it to make it

Amy Rathborne flexes her creative muscle through cake making and consulting.

Some people think you only need one passion in life, others may think it’s impossible to juggle more than one job - but not Amy Rathborne! Even after 13 years working as a consultant at PwC, Amy continues to enjoy the challenge of helping clients succeed while running her very own cake and design business on the side. Why both you might ask? It all comes down to a dual love for creativity and problem solving...

"Cakes have always been about creative expression for me"

Fresh out of school, Amy started life at PwC as a trainee in Assurance. After a few years, she moved across to management consulting where she had the opportunity to take on many internal strategic roles and work on a wide variety of large scale client transformation projects.

With much of her spare time dedicated to making cakes, Amy decided she wanted to pursue this passion and interest further. She first enrolled in a TAFE course and then, in 2012, with the firm's support, she took a leave of absence for five months to study at the French Culinary Institute in New York!

When she returned from New York to Sydney, there was no looking back. Since starting Amy Rathborne Artisan Cakes, not only has Amy continued to design and produce her own edible masterpieces, but she’s now also running masterclasses for other people, corporate team building classes and small businesses who are also interested in learning the craft.

“Cakes have always been about creative expression for me,” says Amy. “The design process and experimenting with new techniques is probably my favourite part,” she adds.

Often people ask Amy why she doesn’t pursue her cake artistry full-time. She always responds with the same answer:

"I love being intellectually stretched on a daily basis to solve complex problems and make big projects happen for clients."

"Between consulting and cake making, I can switch on both sides of my brain every day which is a bit like reaching creative nirvana! For me, being able to work four days a week and continue my business on the side is the perfect balance. It’s hard work but rewarding”.

Today, Amy utilises her talents leading the Sydney Creative Communications team and building the firm’s new creative capability at PwC's The Difference. With a team of writers, content strategists, creative directors, motion graphics specialists, artists and an augmented reality capability, she helps deliver complex, critical information in simple, engaging ways. She is passionate about bringing creativity and game changing ideas to the professional workplace and marrying this with design and strategy.

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