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Work like a start-up

More green light, less red tape.

Flexibility, creative work, new markets, innovative solutions. The excitement of being part of something new, something emerging. Most of us want to work in a place like that, and most imagine that doing so means going to work in a high-risk start-up (the kind of place where the future is always present — even if the venture itself doesn’t have one).

But what if you could have the best of both worlds: the ability to take risks and make something happen — whilst being backed by the resources and structure of a powerful global brand? One that serves not only the majority of Fortune 500 companies, but also a significant share of high-octane enterprises.

At PwC, we’re merging agility and ability, and creating opportunity — for our clients and our people.

“Technology revolutionises the way we work. PwC is leading the pack in refusing to provide stock-standard services to companies that need out-of-the-box solutions. It’s a very exciting place to be — especially so early in my career.”

- Sandhya, Consultant, Enterprise Digital

“I’m excited about my programme, and as I am living and breathing my fail-fast approach I’m keen to see how it evolves. Here at PwC, pursuing your passion brings unparalleled benefits — and the effort is definitely worth it.”

- Indar, Management Consultant, People & Organisation

“Allowing all of our start-up team to access everything, from communications through to financials, provides broader context to each team member. It also empowers everyone to independently solve problems to a higher degree of quality.”

- Ben, Product Manager, PwC Ventures

In our firm, big business does not mean big bureaucracy. We pride ourselves on being agile and forward-thinking — and not just in how we help our clients solve problems. That’s why we have incubated several teams, and empowered them to operate as semi-autonomous start-ups, testing completely new services and products free of short-term financial and time pressures.

Free to risk, free to fail, free to learn, free to transform. We do this because we know that in the 21st century, innovation is jet fuel.

That appetite for openness extends to the ways in which we work. We’ve set up innovation panels across most of our business areas, always seeking to reinvent today what we did yesterday, only better. We encourage crowd-sourcing and collaborating across boundaries of discipline and territory. We offer our staff perks such flexible working conditions, work from anywhere, no dress code — all the things you'd expect if you worked in a start-up, or started your own business. But with the resources, technology and client mix to thrive over the long term.

And even if it's not your day job, you can still start your dream. We allow our staff to run their own businesses on the side of PwC. Because however it expresses, your entrepreneurial energy drives us.

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