Digital Healthcare Experience

Digital healthcare is disrupting the health industry with the promise of delivering an enhanced patient journey.

Creating unique customer experiences

PwC is combining talent, physical spaces and creative thinking processes to create truly customer-centric solutions in our Digital Health Experience Centre.

It’s an exciting time to fundamentally influence and change the consumer landscape of Australia and we’re passionate about solving complex societal and corporate problems not only in health but across numerous industries. 

The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

Speak to me as a person. Tailor your offering for my needs. Show me you care about me as a person. Welcome to the Experience Age.

In today's world, technology is acting as a key catalyst to rapidly changing consumer expectations. Consumers are demanding a more personalised, tailored and human experience and in doing so are pushing business to meet these expectations through their own transformational journey via the development of new business models.

Hear about the changing consumer expectations from PwC’s recent Brisbane Digital Experience Centre launch. 


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What role will robotics play in hospitals of the future?

Jon Williams, Global Leader, People and Organisation, explores how robotics could transform the healthcare industry from diagnosis to patient experience.

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