IT & Project Assurance

For most companies, investing in technology is a significant cost that is made with associated risks. In making technology investments, there are at least three key hurdles to overcome:

  1. Making the right technology choices;
  2. Acquiring adequate funding; and
  3. Realising the full value of the investment after implementation.

Additionally, these challenges must be addressed in an environment of complex global supply chains, ever increasing regulation, and a challenging economic environment.

How PwC can help you

We help our clients design and implement IT and control solutions that reflect a complex and fast changing technological landscape and leverage investment in IT for maximum benefit.

We do this by:

  • providing independent assurance over projects as part of the financial statement or internal audit
  • conducting IT risk reviews and providing benchmarking capabilities - including IT risk diagnostics
  • maximising information assets through the provision of digital and data governance and assurance
  • protecting information assets through the provision of security governance and assurance.

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