Internal Audit Information Series

Digitising finance

It's not hard to see the world is changing at a faster pace than ever.

Companies are having to adapt almost all parts of their business. And we're adapting too. The way we upskill our Internal Audit professionals has changed - which is why we've started an online Internal Audit Information series.

Every few months, we'll be hosting a national webcast, open to anyone who works in the Internal Audit space. These webcasts are similar to what we design and run for our own staff, and we want to share insights, learnings and perspectives with anyone looking to build their Internal Audit acumen.

Prior sessions can be viewed below.

Effective program and project assurance provides business leaders with confidence that programs and projects are genuinely aligned to strategic objectives, are on track, and deliver the required outcomes. On 25 November we held our first live session. Find out what project assurance is all about, and what you need to look out for in your next internal audit of a program or project.

Watch our Project Fundamentals webcast



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