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NDIS Certification Renewal - Why, What, When, Where and How

Is your NDIS Certification up for renewal? Find out the steps you need to take to renew or transfer your registration.

Why do I need to renew my NDIS Certification?

Your NDIS Certification is awarded for a maximum period of 3 years. As part of the renewal process, you are required to complete an audit. The audit gives your Approved Quality Auditor and the NDIS Commission the opportunity to review your level of compliance against the current version of the NDIS Practice Standards and any related government legislation, which may have changed since your last audit. 

Regular audits ensure that your systems and processes are compliant with Practice Standards and are an opportunity for you to review any changes your organisation has undergone since your last audit. They also encourage continuous improvement of your services and identify areas for improvement. 


What is the process for renewing my NDIS Certification?

To renew your NDIS Certification, you need to complete an online application process on the NDIS Commission portal prior to your NDIS Certification Renewal date. 

When can I renew my registration?

Existing registered providers can begin the registration renewal process with the NDIS Commission within six months of the renewal date listed on your Certificate of Registration.

To ensure your registration status does not lapse, you will need to submit your application prior to the end of the date of registration listed on your Certificate of Registration. 

How and where do I renew my NDIS Registration - The steps

Step 1 - Login

Log in to the NDIS Commission Portal and go to the My Applications tab.

Step 2 - Application

Complete your application for renewal of registration

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your Registration ID
  • Your organisation’s contact details
  • Your corporate structure
  • Your outlets/places of operation
  • Your key personnel
  • Your current number of participants

You will also need to complete a self-assessment against the NDIS Practice Standards that apply to the supports and services you deliver to participants in ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS and VIC. You will need to upload any documents required for evidence.

Step 3 - Initial Scope of Audit document

Once your online application is submitted, you will receive an ‘Initial Scope of Audit’ document from the NDIS Commission, which will summarise your relevant registration requirements. 

The ‘Initial Scope of Audit’ document will advise what you need to demonstrate to comply with the applicable sections of the NDIS Practice Standards and whether you need a ‘verification’ or ‘certification’ audit.

You will then need to engage an Approved Quality Auditor (AQA) to complete the audit. The audit must be completed within the timeframe outlined on your Certificate of Registration.

Step 4 - Audit

Once you have chosen an Approved Quality Auditor, they should review the scope of audit and begin the audit process. Please note that the process is different for ‘verification’ and ‘certification’ audits.

Your auditor should consider your organisation’s size and scale, and the scope and complexity of the services you deliver when completing the assessment. 

Your auditor should help you to understand the findings and give you the opportunity to ask and answer questions. They should then submit the outcome of the audit to the NDIS Commission.

Step 5 - Assessment

The NDIS Commission will assess your application and make a decision. They will review the findings of the audit and undertake a suitability assessment of your organisation and key personnel.

A suitability assessment is an assessment conducted by the NDIS Commission on the suitability of your organisation and key personnel to deliver supports and services to NDIS participants.

This will take into consideration whether your organisation or key personnel have:

  • previously been a registered NDIS provider
  • had a banning order in place
  • any past convictions
  • been insolvent under administration
  • had adverse findings or enforcement action taken by any relevant authorities
  • been the subject of findings or judgement in relation to fraud, misrepresentation, or dishonesty
  • been disqualified from managing corporations

The NDIS Commission will contact you if they need more information. They will make a decision and contact you to let you know if your application has been successful and provide feedback.

Step 6 - Findings

Successful applicants will receive a Certificate of Registration outlining the services you are registered to provide, the period of registration, and any conditions you must follow in order to keep your registration.

Unsuccessful applicants may contact the NDIS Commission within three months of the decision to request a review. If, following the review, your application is still unsuccessful, you are able to seek a further review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

How can I prepare for my recertification?

To prepare for your recertification audit, it is a good idea to conduct an internal audit to ensure your organisation is compliant with the current NDIS Practice Standards and relevant legislation.

As part of this internal audit, you should ensure that your policies, procedures and other related documentation such as worker screening checks and training records are all up to date.  It is a legal requirement to ensure your worker screening checks are accurate and current to ensure the safety and wellbeing of NDIS participants. This is also an opportune time to review your continuity of support procedures to ensure you have a plan in place for all events from personnel changes or staff absences to a pandemic or natural disaster. 

Regular reviews of your systems can help identify and address any potential non-conformances before they arise. They also ensure your staff are appropriately trained and are implementing the Practice Standards correctly. 

Can I transfer my registration to another certification body?

Yes, you can. Occasionally, organisations will want to change their NDIS Approved Quality Auditor. This can be for a variety of different reasons, such as dissatisfaction with costs or as a result of a bad experience with the service provided. 

Transferring your NDIS certification is easy. 

You will need to provide PwC with:

  • A copy of your Certificate of Registration 
  • A copy of your Initial Scope of audit document 
  • A copy of your last audit report and self assessment
  • Evidence that all nonconformances have been closed out. 

We will provide your organisation with a an obligation-free fixed quotation. If you wish to proceed, simply return the client acceptance and we can then work together to plan your audit. 

If you are reconsidering your certification body, please contact us for more information on how you can make the switch.

PwC Certification and Compliance Services Pty Ltd is an Approved Quality Auditor and can assist with the renewal of your NDIS Certification. Please contact us for more information.

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