Food Safety Management

Providing trust in the safety of your supply chain

Food safety certification and compliance

Food Safety Certification

Food is a fundamental requirement in daily life. Consumers expect that the food they are consuming is safe and free from contamination. Significant implications on human health, consumer confidence, reputation and bottom line of organisations means food safety assurance must be at the top of the list for risk management and strategic operations for any business in the food supply chain industry. PwC’s Certification and Compliance have a globally-proven framework and methodology to help in your business maintain food trust in the market.


Food recall statistics in Australia (between 2010-2019)

Source: FSANZ Food Standards Australia and New Zealand

Responding to Food Safety challenges

The food industry has never faced more challenges. Enhancing trust in food is a growing concern in a climate where public confidence in producers, processes and sellers – even government regulators – has been rocked by many high-profile scandals. 

The diverse nature of food production means there is no one way to safeguard your supply chain. Depending on their production, position within the food supply chain, or distribution and retail pathway, we can assist organisations in providing assurance over their operations - helping demonstrate their commitment to food safety and provide confidence to consumers.


Helping business gain certification and compliance in:

Designed to meet requirements from all sectors of the food supply chain - from farm to fork.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

ISO Food Safety Management System Standard.

Safe Food QLD regulates the production and processing of meat, eggs, dairy, seafood and horticulture in QLD.

Build trust in your supply chain as part of an approved supplier program.

Independent supplier audits assessing against supermarkets and franchise's own brand requirements.

Streamlining the compliance approach for supply to multiple retailers and grocers.

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Benefits of Food Safety compliance and certification schemes

  • Greater trust in food
  • Reduced financial and reputational losses as a result of food safety breaches
  • Improved food safety operations and processes
  • Increased skills and expertise in food safety, hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Access to markets and partners that demand food safety certification


A better way to certification

We offer a new approach to Food Safety audits and certification. We have combined a purpose-built technology platform with a client-centric service model to make the process more streamlined, more consistent and more valuable than ever before.


Why PwC?

National reach, local engagement

A local client relationship manager and our Australia-wide network of Food Safety system auditors means that no matter where your business is, we will be able to support you.

Skilled and experienced auditors

The auditor assigned to your business will not only be highly qualified but will also have specialist experience in your industry.

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Food Safety Culture Assessments

Food Safety Culture is the shared values, beliefs and norms that affect mind set and behaviour towards food safety throughout an organisation.

Our Food Safety Culture Assessment provides clear insight on the maturity level of an organisation's food safety culture taking into consideration multiple dimensions about how people feel, think and act towards food safety and the impact it can have on the production of safe food. Our Food Safety Culture Assessment validates and provides a benchmark for an organisation's food safety culture and how they can review and improve upon their food safety management systems. 

Find out more about our Food Safety Culture Assessments

Food Safety experts

Director, PwC's Certification and Compliance Services

Senior Manager, PwC's Certification and Compliance Services

Manager, PwC's Certification and Compliance Services

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Make the switch. It's easy.

No matter where you are in the Food Safety process, switching to PwC is free, secure and straightforward. If you’d like to find out more how PwC can help your business in this area, or get an obligation free quote for our certification services, please get in touch.

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