PwC’s Auditor Training & Certification

We help your business accelerate certification with the requirements of the standards, and apply global best practice in management systems through our certification and training services


Performance, efficiency and reliability are achieved through standardising your business practices and processes. PwC Australia can certify your business to internationally recognised standards. Our innovative approach reinvents the collection and evaluation of business critical information delivering business insights and value that extends far beyond certification.

We help businesses manage their organisational risk and improve their processes by certifying their management systems to international best practice.

Certification with PwC brings your organisation recognition of your commitment to do things better.

Scope of Services

PwC can help your organisation to be recognised in the following standards and schemes:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems

  • OHSAS 18001 and AS/NZS 4801:OH&S Management Systems

  • TAPA - Transported Asset Protection Association

  • SMETA - Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

The world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System standard, ISO 9001 sets out the framework to provide a level of confidence in your organisation’s ability to meet and exceed the needs of your customers, while promoting a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.

Regardless of your organisation’s activity or sector,  ISO 14001 provides a framework for an effective environmental management system.

Improve your organisation’s environmental performance through the reduction of waste, improved energy consumption and productivity and more efficient use of resources.

Build the trust of stakeholders and demonstrate your social responsibility by obtaining certification against this standard.

A safe, healthy work environment is paramount to preventing workplace injuries, illness and reducing hazards. Certification against this standard will demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the health and safety of your workforce and your customers, upholding your reputation and reducing possible liability exposure.

Transported Asset Protection Association

TAPA's supply chain security standards help to ensure the secure transportation and storage of high value cargo susceptible to theft.

TAPA has developed Facility Security Requirements (FSR) for the supply chain, which include warehouse security, Truck Security Requirements (TSR) for road transportation, Air Cargo (TACSS) and Food & Drugs security (FDFSR). These security requirements outline industry best practice for the facilities storing, transporting and handling High Value Theft Targeted (HVTT) assets.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)

SMETA demonstrates to your customers that you are committed to responsible and ethical business practices with regard to:

  • Health and safety
  • Labour standards
  • Environment
  • Business ethics

Benefits of Certification with PwC

A new approach

Bringing a wealth of experience to assess your business and help you grow

Unlocking your potential

Gain access to markets and new networks

PwC’s certification mark of approval

An independent, third party assessment from one of the world’s most recognised and trusted brands

Our Audit Certification Process

Our approach to certification is all about you…

Facilitating a smooth transition to PwC’s Certification

PwC’s Certification is built on the foundation of a well-defined and globally proven framework and methodology*. Our Relationship Managers will listen to you during the establishment of the audit engagement to ensure we fully understand your needs.

We illustrate below the key stages and activities in gaining a full understanding of your needs. Our Relationship Managers are there for you throughout the certification cycle to address any concerns or enquiries you may have regarding your certification needs.

*Our Global Certification Audit methodology aligns to the requirements of ISO 17021 or 17065 and the particular certification standards required by your organisation.  We have certification bodies registered in North America, Europe and Asia to meet your global needs.

What this means for you

PwC’s Certification methodology is structured and designed to ensure that:

  • Your annual audit plan is strategically aligned to focus on the key objectives and risks relevant to your certification

  • Engagements are planned in advance, focus on key risks and are resourced with the right people with relevant experience

  • Audit reports are relevant to your activities, with insights into your operations

  • Opportunities for improvement or non-conformances are addressed with your team to ensure remediation is undertaken as required

  • We fully engage all stakeholders from start to finish with no surprises

The result is a certification audit that is strategically relevant, highly valued and fully aligned with your objectives.


...enhanced value through certification

Certification policies

More information about our policies or legal information can be obtained through contacting us via our website or email

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