APEC 2018: Shaping the digital future in Asia Pacific

Growth, trade, skills and preparing for a digital future

Papua New Guinea - APEC 2018 host

The economic history of PNG is one of natural resources though this view underplays other valuable renewable resources such as in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

PNG’s medium to long-term growth prospects are bright: A young and fast growing population, around 60% are of working age, abundant natural resources and a strong desire to grow and develop an inclusive pluralistic society.

This investing in PNG guide shows a generally flexible and open regulatory regime with a role for a wide range of investors There is a wealth of opportunity for establishing, boosting and maintaining economic growth in the largest of the South Pacific island countries.

Guide to doing business in PNG



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Shaping the digital future in Asia Pacific

Trade has always been, and will continue to be, vital to Australia’s ongoing prosperity with Australian business leaders continuing their bullish outlook around organisational revenue growth.  

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Digital ready talent; one of the most critical roles of the CEO of the future is to understand how their business is going to change and to proactively consider how they can upskill their workforce accordingly.

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Building AI into products should rely on a good trust intersection between customers and organisations.

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