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Mental Wealth

Investing in our nation's greatest asset: people.

Why mental wealth matters

Australia’s greatest asset is not in the ground – it’s inside the heads of our people.

But how well do we look after our ‘mental wealth’?

Rates of depression, anxiety, suicide and self-harm in Australian workplaces continue to rise at an alarming pace. Almost half of us will experience a mental health condition at some point.

Despite our best efforts, Australia’s under-funded and fragmented health system is not coping. We spend over $9 billion each year on mental health, yet more than half of the people that need help don’t get it.

The status quo is no longer a viable option. If we want to protect our prosperity and our well-being, we need to be bold and innovative. We need to focus on building Australia’s mental wealth.

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Joining the Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australie

PwC is proud to be a Founding Participant of the Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia (CMHAA), a business-led, expert-guided alliance of 15 of Australia’s largest employers, united in our mission to create mentally healthy workplaces for our people.

PwC’s Mental Wealth program

Driven by our purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems, PwC is committed to helping grow Australia’s mental wealth.

Starting conversations

Mental health and fitness are important issues for all of us. Even though we’ve come a long way, there’s still a stigma attached to talking about these topics. PwC believe that Australians are on a journey towards greater awareness of mental health and the impact it has on us. We all need to share our stories, voice our ideas and discuss ways that together we can grow our nation’s mental wealth. This is why PwC is proud to be a Founding Participant of the Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia. The Alliance is made up of 15 of Australia’s largest employers.

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Investing in new technologies

Technology is revolutionising the way people manage mental illness and build mental fitness. In partnership with the University of Sydney, PwC has invested in an innovative joint venture, InnoWell, which is developing digital technologies to overcome the traditional barriers to quality mental healthcare access.

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Finding solutions

Drawing on our deep expertise in strategy and consulting, PwC is helping businesses, schools and universities build mental wealth. By focusing on solutions that improve mental fitness, organisations and institutions can increase retention and engagement, grow productivity and prepare their people for the challenges of the future.

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Walking the talk

At PwC we are focussed on the mental health and wellbeing of our people, because cultures with inclusion and wellbeing are crucial for people to thrive and sustainably grow. We are recognised as a Gold Level employer in Mental Health First Aid Australia's Skilled Workplace Program, with hundreds of people trained in recognising the signs, opening up conversations about mental wellbeing and able to articulate support pathways. But like many other organisations, we’re committed to lift the level of conversation and awareness on mental health issues and share learnings along the way.

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“Investing in mental wealth is not only good for society, it’s good for business. Australian companies can reap $2.30 for every $1 spent on workplace mental health strategies.”

PwC and Beyond Blue, 2014.

InnoWell: Helping people get the right care at the right time.

InnoWell is an innovative joint venture between the University of Sydney and PwC Australia. Based on 21st-century digital solutions, InnoWell aims to use technology to help health professionals and service providers better connect with, and monitor, the people that use their services.

The tech platform provides individuals with tools to better understand where they are at with their mental health and tracks their progress. For health providers, it provides crucial information they can use to triage individuals, allowing those with the most immediate need are seen first. Technology like that created by Innowell offers significant opportunities to disrupt and improve the way mental health services are delivered – both in Australia and globally.

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Using tech to support mental health treatment

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“Australia could lead the world in 21st-century digital approaches to mental wealth. But this will only happen if industry, academia and government collaborate more effectively.”

Kristin Stubbins
Assurance Innovation & Disruption Lead, PwC


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