If you build it, will they stay?

Capitalising on Perth's boom-time legacy


The time is now for Perth to continue to invest in infrastructure projects, consider placemaking opportunities and revisit some of the thorny issues that haunt WA, like daylight saving, taxation, local council reform, and trading hours.

If you build it, will they stay? explores ways government and business can capitalise on Perth's boom-time legacy and makes recommendations on how to attract talent and investment to the city.





Resources are WA's economic backbone, but diversity is key

Resources will unquestionably remain the backbone of the Western Australian economy for the foreseeable future, but the more interesting question is whether other industry sectors can flourish to act as ‘shock absorbers’ when the commodity cycles turn again. Inevitably the conversation turns to education, tourism and agriculture. Will continued investment in these and other non-resource sectors of WA's economy be sufficient to arrest the slide in population growth?


Investing in infrastructure and renewing our city

We want the future of Perth to be vibrant, productive, inclusive and diverse and we must find new ways to attract more people to the city and keep them. 

WA will need to continue to invest in economically valuable infrastructure projects and look at innovative ways to finance them.

We must also make Perth a better place to live and, in turn, visit.  Good ‘placemaking’ and urban design makes a city a more welcoming place. One example are the improvements to the city centre in recent years, with more trees, art and places to rest and gather, but this process must continue across the state.


10 recommendations to attract talent and investment

The legacy of the boom means Perth is not the same city it was 10 years ago. It has been revitalised with new world-class facilities and a legacy of capabilities.

To further flourish Perth needs to continue to diversify its economy beyond the resources sector, create precincts that focus on medical and education sectors, deregulate trading hours and encourage tourism.

Here’s 10 of our recommendations:


10 recommendations to attract talent and investment

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