Solving important problems

How we're turning opportunities into positive outcomes for clients and society.

Australia’s potential is vast, but we face significant problems that are holding us back – from flaws in our approach to city planning to a lack of data for mental health patients.

PwC is playing a meaningful role in building the nation’s prosperity by connecting people, businesses, technology and ideas to create genuine, positive change for the communities in which we live and work, and for our clients.

At PwC, we call this The Together Effect.

Here are examples of how PwC is solving important problems.

“We all have a role to play in ensuring Australia’s future prosperity. It is only by working together, combining our talented network of clients and connections with our skilled people, that we can solve the important problems we face as a nation.”

Luke Sayers, CEO, PwC Australia


Working together to make tax returns easier

The problem

For many Australians working in the start-up and sharing economy, tax time also means a long time. Because Australia has one of the most complex tax systems in the world and complying can take hours sorting paperwork and receipts.

The solution

PwC built Airtax and got together with innovators such as Square and Intuit QuickBooks to help people do their tax in minutes.

By directly sharing their data, users can take care of their paperwork easily and swiftly, effectively tapping in to a digital accountant.

This has enabled over 4,300 sole traders to spend an additional 45,000 hours earning, instead of drowning in admin.

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Working together to create liveable cities

The problem

Australian cities are feeling growing pains. Green space is dwindling and commute times are ballooning. Fractured planning approaches and misaligned incentives mean the infrastructure that underpins the daily lives of our city dwellers isn’t up to the task of maintaining our cities’ enviable liveability.

The solution

PwC is bringing all key stakeholders - governments, business and the community - together to create a citizen-centric approach to developing cities. By integrating and analysing multiple datasets under a joined-up single language, PwC has created a tool that provides granular insights into the way residents live, work and play. This will lead to better decision making by the people involved in planning and building our cities and, ultimately, better liveability for the people who live there.

PwC has put people at the centre of our Cities Agenda - a new way of approaching how we create connected cities.

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Together we’re making mental healthcare more accessible

The problem

Australia’s mental healthcare system is under stress. Every year four million Australians experience mental health issues, but less than half receive help despite the tremendous efforts of those involved and over $28 billion spent annually.

The solution

Together with the University of Sydney’s Brain & Mind Centre, PwC created InnoWell. Providing care through the power of technology, the Innowell platform supports people to get access to the right clinical care quickly and empowers them with transparency around their mental health assessment.

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