PwC's Foundation Trust

The PwC Foundation Trust is focused on distributing funds in line with our big issues approach, this year funds have been directed toward homelessness.

PwC Foundation Innovation Grant

This year the PwC Foundation Trust delivered the Innovation Grant program. This is new initiative offers three investments of $80,000, to support innovative solutions towards ending homelessness in Australia.

The three grants were awarded against our criteria: 

Lasting impact

Potential for lasting impact

Lasting impact


Lasting impact

High return on investment

Lasting impact

Addresses an unmet need

Lasting impact


The 2018/19 grant winners are Women’s Community Shelters, Ruah Community Services and Indigo Junction. 


RUAH Community Services

Initiative: Wongee Mia

At the start of the project, 16 of the 29 people currently supported were street homeless. There are now only 6 sleeping rough.

Wongee Mia is an action research project to explore an alternative way of supporting Aboriginal people who experience inter-generational homelessness and poverty. The grant was used to cover the salary for a senior community worker full-time for one year.  This enabled a new approach towards supporting Aboriginal people who are often unsuccessful in accessing support services. A year on, they have worked closely with family elders to identify relationships, preferred living situations and culturally appropriate responses.

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Indigo Junction

Initiative: The Living Independently for the First Time (LIFT) Program

6 young people have been supported to build their independent living skills, providing them with a safe, secure “home-base”  with access to trauma-informed care. 

The LIFT program seeks to support extremely vulnerable young people leaving state care who have been identified as most likely to experience homelessness when transitioning from care. The grant was used to enable Indigo Junction to hire an additional, appropriately skilled worker for more intensive case management. 

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Women's Community Shelters (WCS)

Initiative: Transitional housing programs

Significant growth of the programme and its supporting partner network.

WCS's Transitional housing program aims to break the cycle of homelessness by providing a pipeline of safe and affordable properties for women and children leaving their shelters. The grant was used to support a position at WCS to centrally coordinate the various partners and expand the overall reach of WCS.

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The PwC Foundation Trust is a Private Ancillary Fund through which funds are collected from various internal sources and redistributed in accordance with the Trust Deed. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for funding. 


Giving at PwC

Giving helps our people to support the causes they're passionate about. 

Donations from made from pre-tax salary are matched by the firm and are uncapped. The firm encourages giving and matches donations of it’s employees.  


In FY18-19, PwC and its people gave a total of $986,380 to over and 450 charities

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