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Future-proofing Australia’s workforce by growing skills in science, technology, engineering and maths

Australia is facing a significant change in the way we work due to digital disruption. We must equip our future talent with the right skills to meet this challenge.

Our research tells us that 44% of current Australian jobs are at high risk of being affected by digital disruption, yet only a small percentage of university graduates in Australia are from STEM-related courses.

While it’s difficult to predict what the exact jobs of the future will be, it’s likely that the demand for skills in innovation and problem solving, both of which are underpinned by a STEM education, will impact nearly every industry.

Driving engagement and performance within STEM is also important in securing Australia’s transition into the new knowledge economy and supporting our ongoing competitiveness and prosperity.

As a nation we are facing economic challenges that are both circumstantial and structural: slower GDP growth, declining real incomes, low productivity growth, declining employment, sluggish global growth and rising shortfalls in tax revenue.

Governments are finding it difficult to fund the services we expect – good schools, a strong health system, effective public infrastructure and a safety net for those that need it the most. Unless there is substantial action towards addressing these fiscal pressures, Australians can expect to see their standard of living slow or deteriorate over the coming decades.

The opportunity to move towards a more innovative, productive and sustainable economy is in front of us and we need to respond.

Our vision is to help create a future where Australia's growth is driven by a culture of innovation and we believe skills and capabilities in STEM are the foundations for a vibrant and prosperous economy.

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