Our approach

We use our skills, knowledge and networks to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Social Impact shouldn't be confused with ‘Corporate Social Responsibility,’ ‘Sustainability’ or 'Diversity and Inclusion' policies. For us at PwC, this is how we operate every day. 

PwC’s social impact strategy is anchored in a big issues approach.  Instead of spreading our efforts across many social issues we believe we will have greater impact if we focus on a few for the long term. In 2019, we remain committed to homlessness and reconciliation.  

To do this work, PwC Australia has designed a set of unique programs to  encourage our firm to unlock our greatest asset - our people and their time. These programs include Social Impact Time, PwC On Boards, Giving and The Foundation Trust. 

We are also committed to facilitating cross-sector collaboration through our new venture The Impact Assembly and investing in shared value ventures including PwC Indigenous Consulting (PIC) and Innowell. 

Rosalie Wilkie on PwC's new approach to Social Impact


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Message from the CEO 

Tom Seymour, CEO PwC Australia

"At PwC we encourage our people to think deeply about solutions to societal issues that are important to our clients, communities and nation. We are focused on reconciliation and continue our shared journey with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We create platforms for voice, promote truth telling and support economic empowerment for First Nations Australians. We will continue to help create positive social change and in doing so, reimagine the role of business in society."

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