PwC Australia’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Effective 3 August 2020

COVID-19 guidance for our clients, guests, suppliers and contractors

Given the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its declaration by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global health pandemic, PwC Australia (PwC and wider network) is taking considered action to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our people, clients, guests, suppliers and contractors.

PwC has implemented safeguards that meet official Australian Government COVID-19 guidelines and taken additional steps to minimise impact:

PwC office restrictions:

  • Some of our offices are currently open, but at a reduced capacity. The Melbourne office is closed until further notice. Please contact your preferred PwC contact for further information.
  • All meetings in our offices need to be conducted in accordance with office safety protocols. 


  • Any meetings considered non-essential should be held virtually. Face-to-face meetings should only be held if an in-person meeting is critical. 

  • For essential meetings still taking place: (under 10 people) only:

    • we have advised our people to exercise caution in meetings (good traffic flow, crowd minimisation, social distancing providing attendees with a minimum of 4sqm per person, no handshaking) with heightened hygiene practices including provision of hand sanitiser on all floors. 

    • each office location and meeting room has specific capacity requirements depending on local State Government guidelines.  

    • we ensure all invited and registered guests are aware of this public statement prior to meeting.

    • no catering will be provided other than water being available. 

    • rooms will be cleaned and sanitised after each meeting.

    • all guests to our offices must be registered.

Safety in our offices:

We ask all visitors to our office to please:

  1. Present some form of identification (e.g. business card, drivers licence) upon request;

  2. Where it is in place due to local advice (State Government recommendations), have a temperature test to help protect everyone within our office (No personal information will be recorded);

  3. Maintain strict social distancing by keeping a 1.5m distance from other persons at all times;

  4. Avoid physical contact such as handshakes and other forms of greeting or farewell;

  5. Use the hand sanitiser stations provided regularly;

  6. Remain only on the floor where your meeting is be held;

  7. Vacate the meeting room on time to allow cleaning between meetings; and

  8. Do not remain within our office if you feel unwell - please alert your PwC host or our client Welcome Crew if you have any health concerns.

To help protect the health of our guests, suppliers and contractors we:

  1. Have implemented additional cleaning practices within the office and increased the frequency of cleaning;

  2. Increased the cleaning and sanitising of meeting rooms after each meeting;

  3. Eliminated catering services; and

  4. Where appropriate due to local advice (State Government recommendations), we have implemented wellness check and temperature testing of all our staff onsite.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the health and safety measures within our office please discuss this with our Welcome Crew or your PwC contact.

Business Continuity:

  • PwC Australia has in place a business continuity management system that is independently assessed and certified to: ISO22301:2012, the International Standard for Business Continuity to reduce the potential impact of a pandemic event on client work.

PwC’s safeguards:

1. Clients, guests, suppliers and contractors visiting PwC offices in Australia

As each local state government has their own responses to the coronavirus pandemic, including in relation to social isolation and quarantine, it is important to be aware of the restrictions present in your state or territory using the COVID-19 Restriction Checker

We ask that our clients, guests, suppliers and contractors follow these restrictions to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of our other clients, guests, suppliers and contractors, our people and the public. 

PwC provides hand sanitisers and disinfectants in all offices to promote a healthy workplace, and we encourage visitors and our people to adhere to heightened hygiene practices. If you are feeling unwell when visiting our offices, please make your PwC host or our client Welcome Crew aware so we can support you accordingly. 

2. Working with clients to safeguard the health and safety of our people

PwC requests our clients take their own measures to respond to COVID-19, in accordance with official Australian Government COVID-19 guidelines and Safe Work Australia’s National COVID-19 safe workplace principles.

If PwC people at client sites are concerned their host client site is not taking reasonably practicable steps to proactively prevent the spread of COVID-19 so far as it is able, PwC has directed our people to speak with their team leader or project director immediately. 

If you are an organisation with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 and PwC clients or people may be impacted, we ask that you immediately contact your preferred PwC contact or complete the below enquiry form.

3. Clients, guests, suppliers and contractors attending external PwC hosted meetings

Any PwC Australia meetings with clients, guests, suppliers and contractors hosted outside our offices will include the following control:

The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation. All of us at PwC are committed to supporting our clients and communities during this time, If you have specific questions, please complete the form below and we will respond within 24 hours. 

The COVID-19 is an evolving situation. If you have specific questions, please complete the form below and we will respond within 24 hours.

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