What is PwC Assurance and why is what we do important?

In Assurance, we really get to know how businesses tick. We have access, from the inside, to the nuts and bolts of organisations across Australia. We support our clients by providing assurance and comfort to them (and to the broader society) in a fast, ever changing world. 

We create trust in the Australian capital markets system and solve complex business issues for ASX 200 companies, subsidiaries of well-known global and local brands, thousands of smaller organisations and everything in between. 

Our role impacts the lives of everyday Australians. We provide assurance services to our local councils to ensure our Australian national budgets are being spent wisely and for the benefit of the community; we play a vital role in verifying the financial results of ASX businesses to ensure shareholders can invest with confidence; we provide assurance to online banking and retailers - ensuring that they have the right controls in place to protect your money and personal data, as their important customers.

The expertise of PwC Assurance helps businesses adapt to their biggest changes and challenges, make decisions with confidence and strengthen their overall performance.


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What will you get from your PwC Assurance experience? 

A career in Assurance will provide you with the skills, experiences and relationships you need to pursue any global career you want in business – whether that be a career in professional services or one beyond. In Assurance, you can be a business professional with the skills you need to have relevant conversations with senior executives and management about:

  • their future business strategies
  • the risks and opportunities in today’s fast paced world
  • cybersecurity, third party and privacy risks 
  • how to undergo a significant transformation with confidence
  • ...and so much more! 

You can be an IT person who understands the financial analysis and driving forces behind many business decisions. Technology is changing everything around you, our clients are adapting and transforming and the world of Assurance is evolving fast to ensure we continue to create insight and value for our clients. You will acquire the agility and business acumen you need to be successful in today’s continually changing world. 


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Base Camp

All of our Assurance graduates will join Base Camp. Base Camp is an innovative PwC Assurance program which will ensure you develop:

  • a diverse range of exceptional experiences across a spectrum of clients and types of assurance projects in Australia and beyond experiences
  • a broad network of relationships for life; and 
  • important and highly desired skills for any global career in business skills

Starting your career in Base Camp gives you the chance to fully appreciate which area you are best suited to and where your interests lie. You will have the opportunity to work across a number of different projects within our Financial Assurance and Risk Assurance teams, including:

  • Core financial statement and internal control audits
  • Business and performance reporting
  • Social, environmental and other compliance reviews
  • Build and manage IT risk controls
  • Develop and strengthen our client’s compliance measures
  • Improve Internal Audit function capabilities
  • Implement governance procedures, processes, information and controls
  • Provide stakeholders with details on risks, and whether they are anticipated, understood and being managed

You will then be able to make an informed decision on what you would like to specialise in as you take your career to the next level.


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Learn the origins of Base Camp and what it's like to work in the team

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Training & Development

We understand that growing your technical abilities can take time, which is why you're provided with a Buddy and Coach to give you the best possible start in Assurance from day one. You'll experience a thorough induction with us, enjoying ongoing development opportunities, along with the chance to learn more through both formal and informal training and coaching. Assurance also supports graduates through the CA (Chartered Accountants) designation, and if you haven’t studied Accounting at University, we’ll get you CA ready through our association with Deakin University, and offer structured audit training, industry and technical training and more.

Not interested in doing the CA? We can support our people to pursue other relevant business professional qualifications to develop your CV and broaden our capabilities in the changing business environment of today.

Application Dates

Applications are now closed - but make sure to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn as we'll announce any opportunities that arise

Who's eligible?

We accept people from all degree backgrounds.

Ideally you'll be:

  • In your final year or have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • If you are an international student, you must be in possession of full-time working rights within Australia. International students will need to submit either one of the following: IELTS, OET, TOEFL, iBT, PTE or CAE. International Students will also need to submit their visa notice, and meet the minimum requirements as set out by the Australian Department of Immigration. To view these requirements, click here.)

What is the recruitment process?

It's never been easier! Simply:

  1. Apply online
  2. Complete an online aptitude test 
  3. Record a video interview
  4. Attend an assessment centre

Once you complete the process, offers will be issued from your local recruiter.


When do applications open and close?

Applications are now closed - but make sure to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn as we'll announce any opportunities that arise.

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How do I apply?

You can apply online by completing the application form.  

At PwC, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is an important part of everything we do. As part of this commitment, we want to remove any conscious or unconscious bias from impacting the recruitment process. Therefore, we no longer require you to upload a CV or resume as part of the application process.

Academic transcripts will only be requested upon successfully reaching final stage of assessment to verify your degree. 

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When would I start the Graduate Program?

You will generally commence your formal Graduate role early in 2018. Some start dates may vary depending on the line of service and your personal availability.



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Am I still a Graduate?

We consider candidates in their final year or those that have completed a undergraduate or post graduate degree


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I'm an international student – can I apply?

If you have full-time working rights within Australia, you can apply for the Graduate Program. You will be required to supply supporting documentation as evidence.

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When will the Assessment Centre Days be held?

Our 2018 Vacationer and Graduate vacancies now operate on a deadline driven basis.

Whilst we try to accommodate all candidates, we will require you to attend an Assessment Centre to ensure a fair candidate process for all applicants. Therefore, if you are overseas for extended periods of time, we may be unable to progress your application. 

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Is this Graduate Program rotational?

Most Graduate positions are not rotational, and the team you are placed in, will be your ongoing role (until you reach promotion and so on).

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When does the Graduate Program end?

When you are offered a Graduate role, this role is permanent and ongoing. The Graduate Program ends for you individually when you are promoted to a Senior Consultant level.

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