Transform ordinary.

Do the extraordinary.

Achieve the extraordinary

What you’re capable of doing, is extraordinary. At PwC we make it possible for you to get the extraordinary done. Assisting you to develop the skills, knowledge and network with which to build an exciting and inspiring career.

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Career development

Everyone's career path is unique. That's why PwC offers countless career options and development opportunities that fit with your aspirations, supporting you every step of the way. So you can become everything you want to be and more. We achieve this through a combination of innovative learning approaches, on-the-job coaching, and experiences that allow you to hit major milestones, and keep going.

Train. Then excel.

The ultimate success of PwC depends on the expertise of our people. We encourage learning opportunities and experiences that tap into your real potential. Each employee receives privileged access to a rich catalogue of learning programs and courses via our 'Learning Hub'. Many of these programs can be taken anytime, anywhere. So whatever you want to learn more about, it's in your hands.

Coaching. That's meaningful.

Coaching, both formal and informal happens every day with us. It's a great way to learn from the experience of others, and build mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues, managers and thought leaders. Coaching also provides you with regular ongoing feedback on how you're progressing, providing you with the facts you need to assist your growth and development. 

Careers. With mobility.   

Where you want to go, doesn’t have to end at your local office. There are opportunities at PwC for you to develop language skills, gain cultural insights, and experience living and working overseas. Just imagine, you could enjoy a fully managed overseas assignment, whilst experiencing a foreign country and much more. The possibilities at PwC are as wide open as you choose to make them.


Flexibility. Built into every role.

For us, flexibility isn't a poster in the tea-room. It's something that's actively implemented. Having a flexible working environment allows us to attend to our clients with greater agility, and ensures a better quality of life for those who work with us. Some of our flexible initiatives include:

  • 7.5 hours study leave per week for trainees
  • Options to purchase up to 12 weeks additional annual leave
  • Apply for Flexible work options such as alternative hours, job share or work from home opportunities
  • Career break opportunities to undertake studies and pursue life goals
  • Parental & spousal leave (18 weeks for primary care giver and 3 weeks spousal)
  • Birthday leave and floating public holiday
  • Focus on health and wellbeing via our BeWell program


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Benefits. That totally look after you.

PwC is a high-growth business. That means more opportunities for fast-tracked promotion and greater rewards, but that's just the start of what we offer:

  • Highly competitive salaries
  • Performance based incentive schemes (for eligible staff)
  • Discounted mobile handset deals and reimbursement
  • Study funding allowances and study and exam leave (for eligible staff)
  • CA (Chartered Accountant) coaching and CA fast-tracking paid by PwC
  • Complimentary fruit, snacks and refreshments on every PwC office floor
  • Social Club member benefits
  • American Express Card Corporate Membership
  • Corporate Rates for health insurance and health & fitness memberships
  • Leisure travel benefits and travel insurance discounts
  • Confidential counselling via the C.A.R.E. program – a confidential, professional counselling service, available 24 hours
  • Relocation cost assistance for employment transfers

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Us. Our values and purpose.

PwC is inspired by potential. Potential in individuals, teams, clients, communities and everyone we engage with. We look for it in the new, the bold, in our explorations and in pushing ourselves beyond where we've been before. 

These PwC values reflect who we are and are evident in all we do:

We value outcomes. We strive to achieve and to help others to do the same by trusting each other and teaming together; not micro-managing. We give responsibility, hold ourselves accountable and expect quality in everything we do.

We stand up to be counted with considered points of view and actions on topics that matter. We aren’t scared to try new things that deliver value for society, our clients and our firm. We are agile.

We keep it real. We bring our true selves to work every day. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations and we listen. We always look to be candid with each other and our clients. We are honest.

We value outcomes. We strive to achieve and to help others to do the same by trusting each other and teaming together not micro-managing. We give responsibility, hold ourselves accountable and expect quality in everything we do.

We embrace and value all our differences because we understand that is how to have the biggest impact. We work together. We use our different points of view, backgrounds and experiences to create better outcomes. We do not diminish others.

We care about building great relationships – within PwC, with our clients and in society. The sort where we appreciate and respect others, celebrate the good times together and support others through the hard times. We always have others’ backs – and care about our clients and giving back to society.