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PwC's 2015 Global Operations Survey: Australian insights

A call to action for Australian operations leaders

The core themes of our 2015 Global Operations Survey are echoed amongst Australian operations leaders. However, there are some important - and concerning - differences:

  • Our operations leaders expect less disruption and less competition compared to those in the rest of the world.
  • Only half of Australian respondents are confident that their company’s operations can provide value for customers, the lowest result among operations leaders globally.
  • We are among the least likely to reward collaboration or support the idea that cross-functional collaboration is a key enabler of strategy. Australia’s operations leaders do not appear to be as concerned about the impact of disruption or competition as their global peers.

Of the top two most likely disruptive trends over the next five years, Australian COOs rank changes in industry regulation as the most disruptive, followed by changes in demand patterns, volatility and demographics. But only half expect disruption from increasing competition, compared to almost two-thirds in the US. And only 52% of Australia’s COOs expect disruption from changes in core technologies of production or service provision, compared to 60% globally and 71% in the US.



“In a world of accelerating competition and disruption, this is a worrying finding for Australian businesses and operations leaders.”

Andrew Friars Operations Lead Partner, PwC Australia


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