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18th Annual Global CEO Survey

One year ago business leaders’ feelings towards growth were sombre across the globe. A year later, and while Australian CEOs are feeling mildly more up-beat than their global peers, significant concerns still remain.

This year, we asked executives about their thoughts across key issues including partnerships, digital, talent and diversity, growth, capabilities, tax and regulation.

There is a dichotomy of perspectives across the board – with CEOs seeing as many threats to their business today as there are opportunities.

PwC Annual Review &
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Protecting our Prosperity

Launched April 2014, our latest publication in the 'Protecting our Prosperity' series moves beyond the why and examines what we need to do to achieve change in our tax system.

Current economic conditions and spending pressures highlight the precarious position Australian governments are in. PwC analysis shows that combined annual deficits of Commonwealth, state and territory governments are estimated to rise from $34bn in 2013-14, to $237bn in 2039-40 and $627bn by 2049-50.

The report looks at several case studies of major transformational reforms, including how tax reforms have been achieved. If instances of successful tax reform show us anything, it is that political and public will for change is possible when the community understands why it is needed. Our report explores what we must do to secure this mandate for change…

PwC Melbourne Institute Asialink Index

The importance of Asia to Australia’s future growth and prosperity is undisputed. Over the past 10 years, Australia’s overall engagement with Asia has increased by 56%, while our engagement with the rest of the world has increased by 23%.

The annual PwC Melbourne Institute Asialink Index provides a clear and multi-layered measure of Australia's engagement with Asia across seven key indicators: trade, investment, research and business development, education, tourism, migration and humanitarian assistance…