Aussie Mine 2015 - Going for Gold

Aussie Mine

In Aussie Mine - Going for Gold, we find that amongst the gloom, companies holding quality gold assets were the shining lights of 2015 with revenues up by 11% and share of mid-tier revenues growing 5%. Gold companies also benefitted from increased AUD gold price and a lower cost environment. 

Copper also glistened as gross margins on the metal reached 54% making it the most profitable commodity in the sector. Elsewhere falling commodity prices and investor confidence contributed to a decline in total market capitalisation amongst the Mid-Tier 50 companies.  

Our key findings:

  • Overall financial performance fell across most metrics. Market capitalisation of the Mid-Tier 50 fell to $36.2 billion, and as a group declined 16% on previous year
  • Revenues declined 1.8% and impairment losses of $5.5 billion continued to have impact on financial performance
  • Deal activity was slow but a we expect a ramp up throughout 2015-16 with the pipeline of pending deals estimated at $3.1.billion, nearly 8 times more than in 2014

Looking ahead, the Mid-Tier 50 mining companies must stay focussed on continued innovation, alternative sources of capital and improved project success to help revive its fortunes. 

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Aussie Mine 2015

Now in its 9th year Aussie Mine provides industry and financial analysis of the largest 50 mining companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) with a market capitalisation of less than $5 billion at 30 June 2015 (the mid-tier 50).

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