Performance and Reward

91% of companies say that managers’ inability to deliver difficult messages is the most common barrier to performance management.

"PwC, Performance Management
Survey 2014"

Create efficient performance and reward structures that align to your strategy and engage employees.

Contact us if…

  • You want to design strategic and culturally aligned performance management and reward systems
  • You face challenges with recruitment, retention and staff motivation 


  • Build reward strategies that support organisational objectives, align performance and create value for shareholders
  • Structure executive (and non-executive director) remuneration frameworks that are market leading and strategically aligned
  • Create employee and sales incentive programs that drive productivity, behaviours and employee engagement
  • Design strategically and culturally aligned performance management approaches
  • Ensure performance and reward frameworks contribute to attraction, retention and staff motivation 


  • Design informative, simple and engaging documentation to explain reward arrangements, incentive plans and performance management systems
  • Develop clear and appropriate transition plans to move between existing and future reward and performance arrangements
  • Build effective communication and change strategies to ensure real behavioural change through a leader-led engagement process
  • Help better engage teams with a focus on continuous rather than annual performance feedback

Manage and Support

  • Conduct benchmarking of remuneration and structures to ensure market competitiveness
  • Ensure reward plans operate efficiently and effectively from an accounting, legal, tax and corporate governance perspective
  • Inform and support compliance with new and emerging legislation and corporate governance requirements

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