Behavioural Insights

Poor incentive design and communication can actually lead to a deterioration in performance

Design people environments and experiences that drive change.

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  • Your people interactions are sometimes fast and complex – where good decision making is harder
  • Sub-optimal health, safety, compliance, execution or risk taking behaviours are apparent
  • Incentives, rewards, training and awareness initiatives are not getting the cut-through expected


  • Develop evidenced-based communications to change behaviour and mindsets
  • Identify psychological traps or nudges that are undermining your culture or sales environment
  • Design and run small-scale field trials with control and treatment groups 


  • Establish a scientific understanding of the rational and irrational decision making tendencies in your organisation
  • Build basic behavioural insight capability in your people teams to avoid common communication mistakes

Manage and Support

  • Measure communications with statistical significance and report on the cultural impact and ROI
  • Provide ongoing support for behavioural insight programs to understand how critical decisions are made (well or poorly) in your employee and customer environments

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