Australian online shopping market and digital insights

The rapid growth of online shopping is driving structural changes in the retail model

In 2012, 9.6 million Australians aged over 15 years will make online shopping purchases, according to the latest research by PwC and Frost & Sullivan.

Over the next 12 months, 88% of online shoppers in Australia are expecting to maintain or increase their online expenditure, indicating that there is solid momentum in online shopping uptake. This continual rapid growth in Australia and offshore is driving structural changes in the traditional retail model.

What is driving the growth of online shopping?

The factors stimulating growth and usage include:
  • Greater variety/choice of goods
  • Consumers seeking greater value in their purchases
  • Rapidly increasingly usage of mobile devices
  • Continued strength of the Australian dollar
  • Increasing level of sophistication and comfort amongst consumers across all age groups
  • Use of social media by both consumers and retailers to drive brand awareness and
  • Proliferation of group buying sites.