Industrial Products

Industrial Products
The Industrial Products sector is large and diverse, but most sector players face similar challenges.
Industrial Products
The industry is being forced to address margin squeeze due to rising input costs, skill shortages, impact of low cost producing countries like China and India, the relative strength of the AUD as well as the on-going challenge to innovate.

How PwC can help you

For Industrial Products companies across the globe, PwC offers a strong and reliable network of dedicated industry experts. Our mission is to help clients extract value from their multinational operations, to develop a competitive advantage across the value chain, and to ensure that all corporate stakeholder expectations are recognised and met. Improving production techniques and identifying greater efficiencies in areas such as waste minimisation, production processes and the use of capital is the focus of our practice.

Insight into the current economic climate

Difficulties in accessing new funds, satisfactorily refinancing debt, the implications of a sub-investment grade rating, significant share price falls, access to vendor funding, the viability of equity raisings and attracting funding from sovereign and superannuation funds are issues that are top of mind in industry.

Similarly, maximising shareholder value though separating business units or through the sale of non-core assets is also a key concern for many entities. Many businesses in this sector are focused on achieving the right balance between sustainable cost reduction and delivering on the business plan. PwC can help you:
  • Improving the speed and quality of business improvement programs.
  • Leveraging the business culture to stimulate growth.
  • Improvements the supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Questions to consider

  • How can optimal funding outcomes be achieved?
  • What is the range of alternative funding sources?
  • What tax efficiencies can be introduced in the business?
  • Has every accounting option been explored?
  • What does an effective cost reduction program look like?
PwC understands the issues your business is facing and the questions you need to ask in the current market climate. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business perform to its potential.