A practical vision for early childhood care and education

For some time we have known that the period between birth and five years is vital in so many ways to children for both their future well being and their development.

Creating an integrated early childhood education and care system is therefore vital for Australia's social and economic development into the 21st Century. The importance of this area to the future of Australia has prompted PwC to invest in a new thought leadership paper "A practical vision for early childhood education and care".

Developed by PwC in collaboration with some of the world's leading experts in early childhood, the vision outlines a series of high level policy recommendations to create an integrated Early Childhood Education and Care system from the existing arrangements.

Our hope is that the vision we have created will contribute to a new road map for Australia so that future generations may benefit from an integrated system of education and care.

Video Insights

Hear our experts views on the challenges facing Australia's early childhood education and care system.