PwC's Firm Partners

The right people
to get the
extraordinary done

Some opportunities feel like impossible challenges. But when you have the right team working with you, truly extraordinary things can happen.

Welcoming our partners admitted in 2015:

Ian Bennett Sydney, Deals

Tim Blue Sydney, Tax & Legal

Chris Braithwaite Melbourne, Assurance

Ken Brown Sydney, Consulting

Peter Burnie Port Moresby, Tax & Legal

Helen Burns Brisbane, People

Steve Cary Sydney, Deals

Erin Craike Sydney, Assurance

Michael Dean Sydney, Private Clients

Stefan DeBellis Brisbane, Tax & Legal

Gary Dutton Brisbane, Tax & Legal

John Forsythe Brisbane, Consulting

Tim Frost Sydney, People

Morven Fulton Melbourne, Assurance

William Kangas Sydney, Consulting

Alex Klat-Smith Sydney, Consulting

Natalie Kurdian Sydney, Tax & Legal

Stuart Landsberg Brisbane, Tax & Legal

Neil Livesey Sydney, Consulting

Ken Maxwell Canberra, Consulting

Bruce Meehan Melbourne, Assurance

Richard Mickle Perth, Deals

Stuart Morley Melbourne, Private Clients

Keenan Muir Greater Western Sydney, Private Clients

Tony O'Malley Sydney, Tax & Legal

Brad Peake Jakarta, Assurance

Jason Perry Melbourne, Assurance

Matt Reid Melbourne, Deals

Cameron Rider Melbourne, Tax & Legal

Mark Sands Canberra, Private Clients

Dale Sanftl Melbourne, Private Clients

Ryan Smith Sydney, Private Clients

Robert Speedie Melbourne, Deals

Edwina Star Sydney, Consulting

Mark Thomson Adelaide, Consulting

Nadia van Dommelen Perth, Deals

Greg Weickhardt Melbourne, Tax & Legal

Ben Woodbridge Brisbane, Assurance


And formally welcoming the Strategy& partners to our PwC Australia partnership:

Eduardo Arnoni, Melbourne

Chris Bartlett, Sydney

Dominik Baumeister, Sydney

Peter Burns, Sydney

Sarah Butler, Shanghai

John Cunningham, Sydney

Varya Davidson, Sydney

Benjamin Gilbertson, Melbourne

Steven Hall, Sydney

Andrew Herrick, Sydney

Andreas Hilz, Sydney

David Hovenden, Kuala Lumpur

Bernadette Howlett, Sydney

Tim Jackson, Sydney

Mark Jansen, Canberra

Nick Kotwal, Sydney

Chuck Lyman, Melbourne

Suzanne Lyman, Melbourne

Chris Manning, Sydney

Peter Maskell, Canberra

Jonathan Sharp, Sydney

David Vrancic, Canberra

Geoff Walpole, Canberra

Robert Williams, Sydney