Growth comes with knowing your customer

A crystal-clear understanding of what customers want, need and value most can point the way toward a competitive advantage. PwC's values-based approach to getting inside the minds of real consumers—coupled with a quantitative DNA that lets us examine experiences with an economic filter—can be The Difference between simply listening to customers and truly getting to know them.

How is your customer experience design vocabulary?


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Here's some of what today's companies are using to create distinctive, engaging and memorable experiences for their customers. This video provides a quick overview of trends influencing the world of customer experience design.

How can we help?

We help clients who are grappling with how to create and sustain a superior customer experience across their varied customer touch points. Specific challenges we assist clients with include:

  • Building an organisation that's centred on the customer.
  • Designing and delivering differentiated customer experiences.
  • Getting fresh insights from customer data.
  • Building a sales and service organisation to deliver revenue growth and customer advocacy.
  • Capitalising on social, mobile and other digital technologies.
  • Creating profitable pricing solutions.
  • Developing new products and services that break new ground.
  • Ensuring marketing is integrated with sales, service and operations in a way that leads to measurable business results.
  • Finding new ways to achieve sustainable growth and the means to deliver it.

PwC's Experience Radar

PwC's Experience Radar helps businesses win in the marketplace by delivering a customer experience that attracts new profitable customers, keeps the customers you have, and expands your margins.

Growth is about delivering the right experience, to the right customers, at the right time.

What makes Experience Radar different?

The methodology employs an advanced conjoint survey technique to reveal insights that can be honed to precision. It measures multiple dimensions of experience -- mirroring actual customer behaviour - and tying it all back to real business metrics. It helps you locate elements critical to pleasing customers and growing business.

What does it measure?

Experience Radar can focus on different experience attributes for different industries, but there are common attributes we typically measure (on right). The broad industry-focused Experience Radars can be customised to provide a closer-up view of your company's customers.

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